British Columbia @ Hamilton - 29 September 2018

So will Brandon Banks return to the Tiger-Cats lineup on Saturday? Will Terrence Toliver be good to go? Or will we perhaps see Chad Owens making his first appearance in uniform since 2017?

On the Lions’ side of the ball, will Jonathan Jennings be able to come close to matching last week’s performance? And will DeVier Posey live up to his rep?


Banks and Tolliver look like they’ll be good to go. Owens hasn’t practiced since he got injured in his first practice. I don’t think we’ll ever see him on the field again.

The Ticats should have won the last game, I think they’ll take this one barring any insane coaching decisions.

Agree. I cannot see the Tabbies losing the next match against BC. The lessons they learned on that last fiasco (for the Tabbys, not the Leos!) have no doubt left a bitter taste in their collective mouths and thus, they will come out better prepared and swinging. Plus they need to pay the game down to the last second.

Where’s Vermonter ? I thought he started these game day threads.

Tolliver is listed on the depth chart, so he’s either back or a game-time decision; but this team is way better with Brandon Banks than they are without him. Add to that a home crowd and not having to play until 1:30 in the morning, and that last-second squeaker the Lions won last week becomes a cakewalk for the Ticats.

Neill and Tracy are the two reserves, so unless the Ticats are going into the game down two players (going with only two QBs), both Banks and Toliver will be starting the game.

A little pay back with that trap by Tasker counting for a TD .

Lions in deep so far. Maybe they shouldn’t have danced on the logo.

I feel Tasker did have the football secured, clutch catch none the less. 20-0 Hamilton leads

It did hit the ground, but didn’t move in his hands when it did. So yes, it looked like he probably had it secured. The “inconclusive” part of the rule?

Yah you saw the ball on the ground trapped on the replay .

The announcers caught themselves not saying too much . They seemed surprised it wasn’t called .

Anyways it looked like June’s comments worked .

Great concentration by Jones on that catch .

Thought TSN should have burned Rod Black on last nite’s blowout - well, may as well have him burn off his game o’ the week on this week’s travesty!

Just tuned in 5 minutes ago - Rod is struggling something fierce; whats wrong with him? He’s allowing Duane to actually do some color!

Lucky too… crotch catch that he held onto once it hit him.

Just because it hit the ground doesn’t mean it was trapped. If they don’t see it move in the grasp, it was most likely under control.

Unlike Burnham’s catch for the two-point convert last week?

B.C. shockingly bad or Hamilton shockingly good?

Not allowed to have the ball touch the ground though . To me it looked like the ball was held against the ground by Tasker and he rolled it up with his body .

I am good with it but I have my doubts when they briefly showed it and then Ford said "it looks like it was trapped " .

Then boom they are kicking a convert really fast and they both shut up quick .

Kinda Funny actually .

probably a mix of both

Kinda like the interception last night in Calgary. Appeared to hit the turf but before too long, the Calgary offense was on the field

Some may call me stupid for cheering on the Tabbies. Strategically-speaking, I should have been cheering for BC but the Tabbys are my number 2 team.

I don’t object to team rivalries, some trash talk and a bit of taunting and good-natured back and forth but the Lions’ dancing on the Tabbys logo, showed a serious lack of class. One of the reasons why I love football is that the players and teams, while they are rivals, at least respect one another. What the Lions did by dancing on the Tabbys logo, was disrespectful. You don’t go into someone’s home and p*** on their carpet.

Bravo Zulu to the Tabbys for surrounding their logo at the start of the game and not allowing the Lions to step into it for the coin toss.

The football gods and the wrath of the Tabbys punished the Lions for their hubris. Looks good on them. Wish the damn score had been 60 to nothing and it might well have been but for the Tabbys taking so many stupid penalties.

Good game guys. You defended your house and your honour and handed the Lions a much-needed dose of humility.