British Columbia at Calgary, Fri. Oct. 11, 9 pm et, TSN

Fri. October 11
B.C. at Calgary

Have at it. previews the game tonight.

Otherwise known as the Black/Orange @ Nags? right?? :lol:

Leos at Nags... :wink:

Works for me!! Rooting for the Nags this week. :slight_smile:

Ugh… wh is this world coming to? Taking all the fun out of game day threads…

To pull a quote from a great movie…

“Their taking all the fun out of the job… now you’re not supposed to kill a man, without telling him”

Anyone know the movie?


Nice return by Smith #43 -whoever he is!! :slight_smile:

Glenn and McDaniel are quite the combo and are lottsa fun to watch.

If TiCats don't win the Grey Cup, I sure hope Glenn can win a Cup with the Stampeders.

FG - Nags up by three to start the game. :slight_smile:

Now Brown with a nice return for the Nags + Nags penalty - all for nothing though - Leos 2 and out! :slight_smile:

That's better! :thup:

HalfTheDistance....................."Pulp Ficton"

Weather must be getting to the guys! TWO missed interception - 1 Nags 1 Leos and a missed pass -Sinopli - that likely would have been a TD! :thdn: Temp is supposed to be about freezing.

Sinopli just made up for that missed catch and Nags are on the goal line :thup:

TD - Cornish for the Nags :slight_smile: 10-0 Nags!

LEOS 2 AND OUT X3 !! :slight_smile:

HalfTheDistance......................"Boondock Saints"



End of the first quarter and the Leos just got their first FD! Nags 13 Leos 0! :smiley:

Leos threatening and the Nags shooting themselves with penalties - PI and face mask and then there is the bouncing ball.... Still the Leos possession.... Leos can't pitch and catch to save their lives - or score a TD!! :lol: Old man with the boot gives them 3.