Brink starts Monday

....Guess Lapo, Mack, and i are of the same mind...Alex gets his shot against the leos....We don't have a helluva lot to lose and might have something to gain with this move...I know Mack has seen a lot in this kid and i'd like to see for myself if we have the next Ricky Ray or an also-ran....I hope he does well and lights it up....GoBombers :thup: the 2011 training camp has just begun :wink:

You been sending out thought waves ,Papa? This is a great idea. If Brink falters, Jyles coming off the bench always seems to play pretty good.

Sometimes you gotta say, wtf (Tom Cruise, Risky Business)

Boooopf…(sound of exasperating breath)
Man I don’t know what to think now.
You’ve got a guy who just lost Jyles…Lapolice has essentially cut him It would been soooooo easy to accomplish this by moving Brink in 2nd Q etc.
My read is Lapolice has lost all confidence in Jyles.
Maybe he’s right…but boy…I would’ve been reeeeeally careful here. Because you don’t really have Buck to fall back on next year.

whewf…what a huge gamble. All in. No need for it…which I guess speaks to some concerns about the mentality of the coach.
But maybe he’s right. But HUGE. Geez.
I’ll be glued.

I'm thinking Jyles and Pierce's contracts were based on starts or playing time so by playing Brink they save a few bucks. Or they want to know right away what they have in Brinks. Either way, not too inspired, the best way to burn a rookie QB is to throw him in there after a couple months on the team.

Apparently, some reporter was twittering that this was Mack's call.

It looks like another Lapo head scratcher, so who knows.

In either case Brink is far from a raw rookie.

He spent 2 years in the Texans organization and his NCAA numbers are off the charts. He'd probably still be in the NFL if they didn't consider him too short @ 6'2".

In either case, he has been coming on all season in practice and is now actually looking better than Jyles on most days.

I don't know what to expect from him, but nothing would surprise me at this point after seeing the way Beasley & Carr just stepped into starting positions having been here for a lot less time than Brink.

As I say…GLUED

Probably overstating it, but this is the most important BB game in years. Defining.

All in.

i find it funny... i agree with papa 100 percent on what he says about jyles. i also see kevin glenn in jyles. im not sure if thats an insult or compliment.. good stats, decent qb but when the game is on the line will crap the bed.. stats mean nothing tho

Jyles lacks the emotion on the field, i dont see his leadership when watching or at the games, he rarely to never gets upset or even overly excited. im sure he's a great guy.. but your qb needs to be your leader, after the game instead of saying "we played well" etc etc.. the qb needs to admit his mistakes and be pissed about it. jyles is too relaxed. i know the argument is its not jyles fault.. and its never his in sports but like the goalie in hockey when his team is struggling, he gets the blame. at times, the o hasnt showed up, at times when the d needed to make a big play.. they didnt.. questionable rookie coaching decisions... kickers missing fgs (both) injuries to a team that had allot of new players to begin with including all the qb's and 2 american tackles.

Starting Brink? why not. alot of people say its like giving up on the season.. id say its more like trying to salvage the season... Unlikely but brink could go 5-0, 4-1. we could get on a roll with him at the helm, sneak in to the playoffs and who knows.. thats possible. not alot of game film on our boy alex.

I think this kids gonnna shock some peeps on monday.. he's better than people realize. i said it when buck got hurt.. this is jyles chance, this is why he came here, to get his chance to prove he can be a number 1 qb cuz the bs that he's the starter is false, bucks the starter.. jyles is backup, brink is 3rd string. Bucks hurt so jyles moves up to a temp number 1 and brink goes to temp number 2.. BUCK IS THE STARTER!! andmy guess will be back and healthy next year. but.. jyles has had 8 games and a few seasons in sask under lapos offense and right now.. he's 2-6 for us as a starter.. he' s been in this system for a few years.. that is unacceptable. people blame the play calling.. thats fine but.. the oc doesnt tell the qb to fumble 7 times (ya 7 fumbles by jyles this year in his games) Lapo has said numerous times if they can win the turnover battle they will win the game, 7 fumbles.. that hurts not all turnovers but a few certainly were in terrible spots. Jyles had his chance and crapped the bed.. time to seee what brink can do cuz the 1 thing jyles has proven is that he can put up great qb efficiency ratings but when he has to step on the other teams throat, when he has to march the field for the winning td or fg.. he doesnt do it, he just doesnt do it.. with help from others but he's the guy that touches the ball every offensive play and with him, we are 2-6. this is not the bombers throwing in the towel.. this is the bombers trying to see if brink can provide a spark and get the team on a roll... cuz jyles had his chance and he cant. Anyone who thinks jyles is our number 1 qb next year.. You're gonna look sillly when he's not.

I don't see how you could look silly for thinking one of two QBs in the CFL with a 100+ rating deserves a shot to start. I know QB rating isn't a perfect stat, but he can't do much more than he has. He hasn't run the drill at the end of the games very well.. that could also be a coaching problem, it could be inexperience.. Jyles has certainly shown he can be a starting QB in this league.

I love Brink. I don't like this decision at this point in time. The reason this team is 3-10 right now is inexperience (at pretty much all positions - head coach included), and Brink only makes that worse. I'd have waited until the mathematical possibilities are officially done. But I'm excited to see Brink, anyway.

Ah but in terms of the CFL, he IS a raw rookie. Nice that he has great college numbers, but let’s not put too much faith in those numbers just yet. . . you remember, I trust, one Tee Martin ?

Anybody know if a QB rating includes fumbles lost? I'm betting it doesn't because if it did, Jyles' numbers wouldn't be anywhere near 2nd in the league. Don't get me wrong, I think Jyles will be a great quarterback, but he needs to learn to hang on to the ball, and his play at the end of games leaves me wanting...

So, let's see what Brink can do...heck, Dinwiddie pulled out a win in his first non-Grey Cup game. Against Calgary, if I remember right. This game is against the Lions, who probably aren't going to put up a whole lot of points on us. If Brink craps the bed in the first half, lots of time left for Jyles to show the coaches they made a mistake...

BOOM BABY :thup: :cowboy:

Yes but he isn't 'green' in terms of professional football experience. If he was coming straight out of college, I would say this was going to be a disaster but he has been a backup for 2 1/2 years now.

So he's like Lemon, if your lucky you get 150 yards and zero interception, if he has a bad day its 90 yards and 3 interceptions.

Which was enough to beat Jyles last time out. Enough said I would say.

Definitely does not, but if we assume it were, he'd probably be 3rd or 4th. With no actual checking of whether or not fumbles are lost, this is what I get:

The only QBs in the same area code QBR-wise as Jyles are Calvillo (who would obviously stay #1), Burris, and Glenn. Glenn and Burris have 4 fumbles a piece. Depending on the weighting and how many fumbles were actually lost, either or both would probably catch up. From Jyles to Durant is a 12 point QBR drop, and Durant has 11 fumbles to Jyles' 7, so I doubt Durant would make up any ground. Ray, Printers/Lulay, Lemon are all way back; plus Ray and Lemon have either more or the same number of fumbles as Jyles (7 and 9).

I'm not trying to say Jyles is actually the #2, #3, or #4 QB in the league.. merely that he has not done anything too wrong yet (the fumbles and play at the end of games are an issue, but could possibly be attributed to inexperience as a starter at this point), and deserves to start.

Still, excited to see Brink even if it's a couple games earlier than I would've gone to him (although I disagree that he's not "green" simply based on 2.5 years of backup duty; Cleo Lemon spent seven years in the NFL and even started a few games and was/is still "green" CFL-wise when he got here.)

So, I swung by practice today and these are my impressions on the quarterbacks.

The first thing you notice right away is how much taller both Brink & Elliot are than Jyles. On the development scale, it's like night and day between Jyles/Brink and Elliot. Elliot is very raw and we should be thankful he isn't starting anytime soon, definitely a devlopmental guy. He threw 2 picks and JJ dropped a third, all in row, during one series, lol.

The difference between Jyles and Brink is all style. Jyles will look to escape the pocket and run when he doesn't see anything whereas Brink likes to step up and hang in until the last second. What I really noticed about Brink is that he's got his eyes downfield, he's definitly a pass first, run second type of quarterback. But he's no statute standing there, swivel hips, more moves than a can worms, comes to mind. Brink has pocket pressence which is a good thing.

Both Jyles and Brink were really sharp today, in fact, Jyles looked like he was on a mission, he squeezed a couple passes into tight coverage today that were absolute laser beams. Where I thought Brink stood out was on his delivery, very quick and accurate, rarely a play where the ball wasn't out of his hands before 3 steamboats. I think he reads the field slightly quicker than Jyles.

So, if I had to try to rationalize this move by Lapo of starting Brink, I would say he is looking to do 2 things.

  1. Brink givrs BC a different look from Jyles, passer versus scrambler and;
  2. If he wanted to light a fire under Jyles I'd have to say it appears to be working.

Should be very interesting to see how it plays out.

I still think this move is too soon. We are not mathematically out of the playoffs, (a long shot I know) and Jyles has been playing well. We can’t seem to finish a game, but is that his inexperience, or the voice in his helmet telling him what to do? I think it’s the latter.

The other part to consider is how this change will impact the O-Line and the receivers…or at least the ones that are catching the ball. Ralph, don’t worry, you can continue to run your routes uncontested. No one will bother you.

In the end whether it’s Brink or Jyles I’ll be there screaming my head off…or crying in my beer. GO BLUE!

jyles has been playing well? sorry man but what games were u watching.. oh a qb rating.. big deal.. oh 300 yards.. big deal...

2-6 and he's playing well and its his 5th year in the damn league? what are u smoking.. he's making the same mistakes he's made his whole career, he's michael bishoping the ball into double coverage, triple coverage really sometimes, when the game is on the line, he fumbles.. he chokes, he one skips the ball or throws it way over their heads..

this whole notion that jyles has played well is a joke.. he's 2-6 for christ sake.. thats all that matters. he has not played that well... case in point, we score 20 points vs the argos, we win, 20 vs bc, we win. we needed those games, THOSE GAMES WERE THE ONES THAT DETERMINED OUR FATE AND WE COULDNT SCORE 20 DAMN POINTS WITH JYLES LEADING THE OFFENSE.. lemon throws for 90 friggin yards and we lose? are u kidding me.

blame play calling, yup.. cuz the play call was run backwards 30 yards and fumble or throw it to brock ralph into double coverage eventho tj harris is wide open about 12 yards down the field with about 40 of green infront of him.. yup..

sometimes...ppl need to open their eyes.. realize that the coaches coach, and the players play.. lapo/baressi can call the play.. but its up to jyles to execute it and he's had his chances and has failed in doing so. 7 games lost by less than 7 points.. wonder how many of those fumbles lead directly to 7 or 3 points for the opposing team.. go find that stat and then get back to me about how well jyles has played.

This is a smart move by the Bombers, we have to see what he brings to the table sooner or later and the earlier you start developing a player, especially a QB the better. He will make mistakes and Winnipeg fans being the way they are will call for his head before even giving him a real opportunity and to those people i say "Patience" we all know (at least real fans) know he'll make mistakes and the point of playing and developing a player is to correct those mistakes day by day. Brink won't become a starter or elite QB overnight, but the more he plays the better he will get.

What is the worst that can happen, we are pretty much officially out of the playoffs anyways, if he struggles then you can throw Elliot in there and give him some reps or Jyles. The fact is that these guys (Brink/Elliott) are not going to develop by sitting on the bench. We can admit Jyles needs improvement so we should maybe alternate QB'S during games. The way i see it and i think the way Mack sees it is if Buck does not return in 2011 for some reason, we need guys that can step in in case Jyles struggles or gets injured.

I am one person of many that believe in developing the talent we have and Brink has the tools, he needs to get more reps in now because if we go into 2011 without Buck and something happens to Jyles, i don't want us having to call up a Bishop, Joseph or whatever, we have been doing this way to long (not developing our own guys) and calling in other teams castoffs or older QBS that take away reps from the young guys that we are trying to develop.

Remember Bomber fans, HAVE PATIENCE with Brink, he is young and he WILL make mistakes like all rookie QB'S do, rarely if ever does a QB come in and have instant success, but i know the way our fans are and the first game Brink may throw an INT or more and people will call for him to be cut, support the kid and let him learn from his mistakes!!