Brink starting against the Argos

after receiving a sure concussion, how is he allowed to start a game only 4 days later?

we all saw him lay motionless for minutes, then walk wobbly back to the sidelines. this is insane. who the hell gave the green light for this?
this is why the bombers are bush-league.
LaPo has got to go.

Were you in the room when the decision was made?
Are you a DR?
Do you have anything to back up ypir claim he isn't ready to go?
Your basically accusing DRS and the Bomber coaching staff of lying,you have not one shred of proof.
For the record ,you can get knocked out and not be concussed.

So the CFL is bush league for not having a concussion policy is what you’re saying.

First off, Brink was not knocked out and he was not concussed. He was examined by doctors and has had no concussion symptons. I don’t know the source but I read at another forum that Brink said he felt something strange with his neck after the hit so he laid as still as he could until the training staff could check him.

I would pray in this day and age they would not overlook a concussion. There is so much publicity on it that it is coming to the point that if a coach knowingly played a player with one there may be charges...I would not be shocked if we see such a case in the next few years.

doesnt matter if brink is physically ok to play or not, elliot should be the starter. He is better.

Elliot is better ,why? He threw a ball up for grabs in mop up time and with 2 of the best pass rushers ejected from the game for Edmonton?!

Elliot is better because he has the MOXY, he just has something that BRINK and Pierce dont have, its called leadership, the guy is no doubt a field general and if you hear him talking in interviews, he just, he is just one of those inspiring type smart qb's, who just have this "IT" factor to them. Lulay has "IT" too, they just.. i dunno.

Its the intagibles that elliot brings, whenever he is on the field, last year, exhibition, this year even, dont kid yourself, Brink has looked good in "garbage" time also.. But elliot just has this fire to him, he just.. its hard to say why but i think going with Elliot is the better choice. I just, Intangibles out there. The team just looks motivated more when he's running the O.

I remember hearing him say something, out most last year right, first reps in a long time in exhibition, the guy was asked how did it feel, said something along the lines of... was nice to make the guys laugh, be in the huddle with them, be a team, go out as one and get the job done.

The little things Elliot brings, they are just important things to have as a qb, he's like a natural leader and personally, i think he's more of a travis lulay clone...almost same situation too, 3rd string behind the starter, pierce at that.

Gonna be a time when Brink goes down too, Then its Joeys turn..not saying he will be as good as lulay or anyone, who knows but i think because of his intangibles, he very well could be.

I guess, i ask myself this question.. u own a team in the cfl, you could chose 1 young qb to have as your guy.. who do you want.. Elliot i think is that guy. If i cant Have Tate or Lulay, I want a guy like Elliot.. If i own a team in the cfl, expansion team. You just, like i said, words are difficult to describe what he brings.. I just feel his ceiling is higher than Brinks and even guys like Porter and McPhersons because of the fact, he is a smart smart qb. The guy in his first year here, on the PR for not long, forced to play, in not long.. went out and darn near won. Last year against calgary, when he got hurt, he was marching, we were in fg range to win,TJ harris fumbled, elliot got hurt.

He's the guy id want on my team for sure.

The most popular Quarterback in Winnipeg is always the one that isn't playing. Now that the Joey Elliot Fan Club is going strong despite no particular game performance to back it up, it's back to business as usual.

Bomber fans ....

Don't get your knickers in a knot! DG is right. I cannot say I agree with him playing either. Besides Brink sucks.

And you base it on what? He is not concussed ,so you guys are guessing! Back it up with something?

This is 2012, we should not be playing guys who have even POSSIBLE head injuries. Especially when they suck.

If that was the case, every team wouldn't be able to field a team each week. Football is a violent sport, with head to head contact on every play. The players know what they signed up for. Brink is a adult and if he feels good to go and no concussion occured, all good. Brink will have his shot for the next two weeks, its make or break time for him. He has a much quicker release than Buck. Being able to start a game and have 1st team reps, should give him a fair shot at doing well.

won't matter.. Bombers 0-4 going back to their OLD stadium...

Of course football is a violent sport...

:roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

As well:

  1. Of course Brink is going to say he is good to go... He wants his shot.
  2. He was hit hard. Safety first. I for one do not want in a few years for former players to be blaming the CFL for post career issues and disabilities like we are seeing down south.
  1. It has nothing to do with Brink saying he's good to go. He was examined by doctors - they said he did NOT suffer a head injury. He has had NO concussion symptoms.
  2. So every player who is hit hard should sit out the rest of a game and the next even though the doctors say they are fine. Maybe we should just bring out the flags and eliminate tackling from the game.

Of course football is a violent sport...

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As well:

  1. Of course Brink is going to say he is good to go... He wants his shot.
  2. He was hit hard. Safety first. I for one do not want in a few years for former players to be blaming the CFL for post career issues and disabilities like we are seeing down south.[/quote

Safety first ,I agree. But where is your proof ,he was concussed? You didn't examine him, but some how,you sitting on your couch drinking beer, is more qualified than Doctors and training staff. :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll: :roll:

Coaches show on CJOB, the question was just asked to Lapo, ' was Brink concussed"? Lapo's response' NO AND HE WAS NOT KNOCKED OUT, HE WANTED TO GO BACK IN THE GAME, BUT THE TEAM TOOK ALL PRECAUTIONS AND WANTED TO KEEP HIM OUT FOR THE REST OF THE ESK,S GAME, JUST TO MAKE SURE" He has been cleared by MEDICAL staff to play vs Argo,s .I'm sure the Bombers are waiting to hear what guy on couch thinks,who watched a documentry on concussions and is a expert now!

What dream world are you living in? This is football - - "possible" head injuries happen on every single play. Have you ever seen a linebacker hit a RB?

I don't think the Bombers really care which one of the Three Stooges starts at QB. They're all interchangeable. Let the players make their own decisions. Nobody's holding Brink at gunpoint forcing him to play.

When you walk by a construction site do you offer up helpful suggestions to the roofers and tell them they shouldn't have their shirts off in the hot sun?

Really? This is the shot he's got to prove that he can actually start in this league and thus keep his job. You really think he's going to pass it up unless he's half-dead?

Decades of history prove that idea wrong. People with head injuries almost always make the short-term decision, then 30 years later we wonder what in the world is wrong with them and why we didn't do something about it sooner.

Don't know if Brink was actually injured or not, but if he was then he absolutely can't be trusted to make a decision on if he should play or not in this situation. There's only one answer when the options are "put food on the table" and "hope that Elliot kid doesn't turn out to be good and steals my job."