Brink rips Burke

You started by saying "Whoever thinks Ray will be going anywhere is dreaming in high definition", then in the same paragraph you state "Of course this is the CFL and a lot of things can happen....Even Ray suiting up in the Peg".....,,,,sounds like you've started with the pre-game festivities already and the game isn't until Friday! :lol:

C'mon snap, lighten up :wink: ...a few days before game time is the best part of the week for us Bomber fans! :roll: :lol:

.....Levity my friend..levity...that's all we have left :lol: ..In the final analysis I still believe Collaros goes before Ray..Just don't put money on it :lol: (if you can't keep everyone laughing, keep em guessing) :wink:

Collaros has talent and a lot of upside, but he's young and making a lot of mistakes. He'll still need constant coaching if he's going to be a starter next year.

Which goes back to what wolverine said - Winnipeg needs a QB coach. If you're going to trade for a guy like Collaros, get the coaching in place to give him the best chance to succeed.

(That said, I'm not sure there's a trade there. If Toronto loses him, they can protect additional players. If they're confident in their #3 guy, it's almost worth letting him go to protect NI talent.)

Pretty sure that Collaros is in the last year of his contract and hence is a potential free-agent.

The Ottawa GM said that they are not interested in drafting free agents so the only way they'll draft him is if Toronto extends him before December.

Otherwise, if he goes to free-agency, we'll have a shot at him in February.

Hiring a QB coach would certainly be a good idea, but knowing the Bombers, they'd probably hire a receiver.......

On a brighter note, with Lulay looking like he might be out with a shoulder problem, Pierce moves one step closer to yet another injury and, more importantly, breathing room in the "who can miss more playing time" competition he's in with Drew Tate. Sends chills down the spine, doesn't it?

Both Elliot and Brink were way better than Goltz. The Bombers may not of thought that they were the future at QB but how could they even consider that Pierce and Goltz could be either.

.....YIKES....ya see that's our problem....we had porcelain Pierce and the three amigos, who couldn't shoot straight, putting us behind the eight ball.... Colossal waste of time...We NEED a starting qb. with some credibility....Nothing is going to happen now so we'll forfeit the rest of the year BUT in the offseason there will be options... I don't think the current management are going to be sleeping at the switch like the previous gm was....I wouldn't be surprised to find out Miller/Walters have their course already set in the direction of a deal. It won't be until the end of the season, I believe, as most clubs who are playoff bound need their personnel. ...After that, I think we play our hand, with cash and maybe a pic to seal a deal... :wink:

We just moved on from Pierce who couldn't stay healthy. That's why I find it so maddening that there are people that suggest we should go after Drew Tate. Compared to Drew Tate, Buck Pierce is superman.

Not so fast there, papa. One of the problems with the Bombers' roster (and there are many, certainly) it seems to me is the lack of non-import depth. Yes, you need a QB, but I'm not sure parting with a draft pick is a good idea. . . mind you if that's the only way to get a QB. . .

...I don't like making deals that include nis but if it is the only way ...we have to look at it...Latter round pics aren't crucial to keep BUT yes some of them have turned out to be it's a gamble....One we might have to take....Watching Marsh in your last game brought me to the conclusion you guys might be in the same boat as us shortly....looking for a competent starter...I know he's had a relatively short time at the controls but he looked a lot like a few guys who have passed through the Peg lately....He does have a better o line than we have, to get in his reps. but all in all he didn't impress me much ...Don't know about the other 2 as I have yet to see enough play to give a proper assessment..Could get interesting in your neck of the woods, qb. wise :roll:

They shouldn't need to trade away draft picks with so many QB's available at the end of the year. Very opportune time for the Bombers to have an expansion team enter the league.

The one place where they do have NI depth now is at Receiver. All 5 are still young with the latest acquisition for Pierce. All have played well at a times with the exception of Poblah and Watson is s solid number 3 receiver.
Edwards, Matthews, Denmark, Kelly, and Sims Walker could make a solid corp of import receivers with three starting and one off the bench.
Watson could bring value in the form of a Canadian O Lineman and Montreal may have interest in him since he is from Quebec and went to Concordia initiating an offer to the Als for Matte could be something worth looking into.
Matte has been groomed and when he got his chance he played very well but he is still behind both Bomben and Import Ola and will be behind Woodruff when he comes back. The Als have a couple of guys behind Matte that are working their way up so it is possible that they may go for it if Matte is still not starting when he becomes a free agent when ever that is.

Mack really missed the boat by not signing Reilly. That guy is a hell of an athlete, with a cannon for an arm.

The next Bomber GM (after Walters, Burke, and everyone else get canned at the end of this season) should keep the Bomber’s first round pick and take the best O-lineman available who can step right in and start. Like other posters have said on this forum, there should be at least one free agent legit starting QB available who the Bombers can sign to build the 2014 O around. No need to trade a top pick to make that happen.

Not sure about Walters being fired as I think he's done a good job since taking over, but agree with everything else. Reilly would have been a guy to build around for sure and draft picks need to be used on players who can step in immediately; don't trade them away!

Right you are papa.

In attitude, he reminds me a lot of Joey Elliott, so yes again I concur.

Right you are papa.

In attitude, he reminds me a lot of Joey Elliott, so yes again I concur.

Walters isn't going anywhere. Miller has already said that Walters will remain with the organization next season as Asst. GM if they hire someone else as GM.