Brink rips Burke

Sounds like someone's a little pissed about having been sent packing......

"I'm guessing this isn't what Tim Burke meant when he told me the Bombers wanted to go a different direction "
Alex Brink (on Twitter)

Wonder how long it'll take before Joey Elliott chimes in?

Brink is awful. If he had kept his eyes downfield there were plays there for him. A QB who wants to run and is not a threat to throw on the run is a liability. That whole offense needs to be blown up, there might be 3 or 4 guys worth keeping.

It seemed to me that Elliott had more upside than Brink; he played some awful games.

Now, even Wally has unloaded Elliott in favour of Pierce.

So the question isn't really "why did we get rid of those guys?" It's "why can't we ever find a QB?" It's been years now, and they are obviously out there for other teams to find.

.....Brink was a terrible qb....that's why he's no longer employed as our pivot....Elliot wasn't much better and that's why he's no longer employed in the league....Goltz looks like Brink 2 and Hall, for all of his nfl experience doesn't impress me either...Who did impress me yesterday was Collaros in the rider/argos game... This guy has the Reilly look.. :wink: Get it done Miller/Walters...

Agreed papa; Goltz looks like a Brink clone.

Hall was lucky yesterday in not getting picked more often. . .his passes are wobbly, lack accuracy, he can't seem to read CFL defences in that he's frequently throwing into double coverage (has he not learned yet that there's an extra guy on the field?), and it's only the athleticism of your receivers that saved him from embarassment.

May as well give Boltus and Brown the next game, what the heck.

You guys are high. Brink is/was better than Goltz. At least he could put up over 200 yards of passing in Crowton's system. Even Elliott, despite all the picks, could throw for over 200 yards.

Brink is right on the money. They dumped two guys who'd been with the team for a couple of seasons to go in a different direction and the QB position has take a huge step backwards. Burke has to take some responsibility for that. Whether the decision to make changes at the QB spot were Crowton's idea, Burkes', Mack's, or some combination thereof it doesn't matter.

And I don't think his tweet is as bad as all that. I think Burke himself would/should admit they never forsaw things going downhill at QB as bad as they have. Burke IMO should not take any offense to that tweet.

Lapo didn't work with his backups in practice and said on his coaches playbook that he would only check in with the backup QBs in his office a couple times a year. We haven't had a QB coach in years and the coaches haven't worked with the young backup QBs to bring them along. Goltz is the QB of the moment but he's splitting reps with Hall and Boltus as they are hedging their bets unsure of who to start. How is it that a team which says its trying to develop a young guy doesn't give them coaching on a daily basis they need to mature? And then you wonder why after 3 years Brink, Elliott, Goltz or anyone else are having issues with consistency and quality of play when they are pressed into being starters? All this talk about bring in this guy or that guy or this guy is useless until the coaching ranks are fixed and the management, including the board, do what's right and build a rounded out coaching staff. Until then we'll just keep sending guys out to the wolves asking them to figure things out.

Yes, let's grab a young gun if we can, but it will be hard to develop him properly without either a mentor or QB coach on the sidelines.

And an O-line on the field.

Bottom line is, Elliot, Brink and Goltz were not winning a Grey Cup for us. They are just a another reason why we are in a 23 year GC drought . We may hit 30 years , we have no chance next year. Maybe .......MAYBE we will take some strides in a positive way next year.It's at the point for me ,it's wake me up when we are up by 20 in the last minute of a GC game.I could care less who we bring in and hearing the same old song and dance about how this player or coach will get us over the top. Don't care , just F ####$ win the cup!

I think what Brink is saying is..........we have no starting QB's all fine and good wanting to develop a guy but, in the interim, you should have somebody who can play and that he can learn from. This isn't rocket science, just very bad decisions made by very bad people in charge.

He’s given an opportunity to go out there and take the job and instead he complains there isn’t a guy there…
If there was a guy there, he would not be getting his shot. Go out there make plays and shut up. :wink:


I thought this was football? With a pecking order, #1 #2 #3, where everyone knows their place and waits for their opportunity while being a team player in the meantime. Call me old school.

Collaros isn't going anywhere. In fact, I think Barker may even protect him in the Redblacks draft and expose Ray instead. Ray is getting older and injury-prone. Collaros is young and has all the tools. I was very impressed seeing him compete in an unflappalble way in Saskatchewn last night. That was a very hostile environment, and it didn't get to the kid at all.

Money will come into play. Barker can't keep Collaros anymore than BC could hold on to Reilly. The economics of the CFL don't allow you to do that.

After watching Collaros the last few weeks, it’s very likely Ray gets traded in the off-season. Hope the poor guy doesn’t end up in Winnipeg because their o-line will get him killed. Argos would be crazy to let Collaros go anywhere; looks like a future star in this league (same with Reilly in Edm),

My bet is if Barker tried to dump Ray. Milanovich walks out the door. can say that again... Ray WILL NOT be leaving T.O....Collaros will be exposed by the argos and I think that's why a deal for him will be done before Ottawa gets their mitts on him....Of course Ottawa might try to deal beforehand but I believe they'll be looking for someone with more experience..., but whatever...Winnipeg is on the hunt for a bonafide starter and they will go out on a limb to get one...The new management in the Peg will have a credible rebuilt o line for 2014, with Miller/Walters doing the dealing...count on it... :wink:

Why? They've got a good young player they can win with now to take over from a grizzled vet that only has a couple years left (if he stays healthy). They'll go with the younger guy, just as any team would do in their situation, save money, grab a player/draft pick or two and Milanovich will be very happy indeed. Think when all is said and done, the Bombers starting QB next year will be either Ray or Tate. Would rather have a Collaros or Reilly but that ain't gonna happen....

If Toronto trades either one during the season it'll be Ray, but I don't know how you trade a guy who, when he was on the field, was completing just under 80% of his passes and has a 15:0 TD:INT ratio. They're in a position to challenge for back to back cups. If they trade either one and the guy who's left behind gets hurt, then what?

Toronto is stacked at QB with Ray, Collaros, Harris, Gale, and Portis. They are in a perfect spot to absorb losing one of them in the expansion draft.

As for Lawless' suggestion about trading Henoc Muamba to Calgary ( I don't have an issue if they traded Muamba with him on an expiring contract and with him either looking for a NFL opportunity or waiting on a new CFL deal until after the new CLFPA agreement. And obviously if he gets to FA the bombers could try bring him back. There's no way Calgary would bite at trading Mitchell for Muamba. Tates got a bad elbow, Glenn's dinged up, Mitchell is their only healthy QB. But shockingly they have absolutely nothing else on the roster behind those three, having released a guy from their PR a couple weeks ago. They can't afford to lose any one of the three. To Toronto for Collaros may work, again because they have a lot of depth at the position, but if he ends up there I think Barker gets his name on a new deal. Aside from 1/2 the fans backlashing against the team trading away one of its few top canadians, the bombers just don't have another NI that can start on the roster so a trade seems unrealistic.

They won't trade Ray during the season, but afterwards there's a very good chance he'll be sent packing. When you've got a young guy who can lead you back from big deficits (even on the road) and has his whole career in front of him, there's no reason to continue to pay big money to a vet with no mobility who's coming off another injury. As far as Muamba is concerned, Lawless sounds like he knows something the rest of us don't, and if that's the case, then getting something for him is a good idea. However, if Lawless is just blowing smoke, expect Muamba to sign in the off-season for the most money he can, which will probably be in Winnipeg given their quality non-import shortage.

....Whoever thinks Ray will be going anywhere is dreaming in high definition.....Milanovitch will not go to war with a rook qb....It would upset the organization to go without Ray (the hc. the most) just like it affected edm. when he left....Ray has got a few good years left in him and Milanovitch does not want to start over again..If Ray were to go, Milanovitch would be looking to get a gig with on it....soooooo end result Collaros is on the block....Of course this is the CFL and a lot of things can happen....Even Ray suiting up in the Peg......WHAT you say??? :lol: