Brink released

No way to know that, but even if that were true, papa, you're missing the point here. If we signed Pierce, it wouldn't be as a starter. Buck is probably the ideal backup -- a veteran QB who can be very effective as a "relief pitcher" or injury fill-in. As a starting QB, he's been an unmitigated failure, because he can't stay healthy enough to be of long-term value to his team. We already have our starter. You guys, on the other hand, are the ones who keep acting out the definition of insanity: doing the same thing over and over but expecting a different result.

Look at all the guys he's signed since last year...It looked to me like he was signing any cast-off that moved. :lol:
Popp signed players to address deficits or holes on our roster, same as any GM (uh, except Joe Mack, who never does it because his team's roster is just that much better than any other team's roster ;)). Bruce replaces Bratton, giving us a nice upgrade at 4th receiver. Kuale replaces Davis. Tisdale and Parker shore up our secondary, which was a weak point last season. Porter gives us a CFL-ready backup now that McPherson's gone. None of those signings were made just for the hell of it.
AND yes I read your post 'you said we had the same coaches as last year....Guess you forgot we signed Dickensen ...Certainly it matters that we canned Lapo...he was a dud..
Oy. Let me make this as clear as I can. I understand that Lapo was canned, and that you made some position hires. [i]For my point[/i], none of that matters. What I said was this: the two guys in charge of evaluating the QB -- the offensive coordinator and the head coach, Crowton and Burke -- were both on staff last season. Burke may have been DC for the first part, but he's had a chance to see Pierce in action for years, and after he became HC, he would have worked with Pierce directly. Crowton had a full year with Pierce. Neither man is unfamiliar with Pierce, so this move can't be blamed on lack of exposure to the QB, or a new coordinator coming in, etc. This is 100% on them. They know the huge risks that Pierce brings, and they're [i]still[/i] going with him as the starter. I hope it doesn't blow up in their face, but I suspect it will.
AND I'd say Burke has probaby a little more CFL experience than your newbie :lol:
Burke has zero experience on the offensive side of the ball, which is where you need the most help. Crowton had one dismal year as OC and hasn't proven anything. Hawkins has 0 CFL experience, yes, and that will be a challenge to overcome, but he's inheriting a good offensive unit with stability and talent. On the defensive side, Noel Thorpe spent many years in the CFL, and will have Mark Nelson, a CFL veteran with DC experience, to lean on. The Als' larger staff means that Hawkins will be more of a manager and a delegator. In Winnipeg, with the smaller staff and the QB uncertainty, Burke won't have that luxury.
AND It's getting late in the day for ol folks AC
I'd be curious to know how many times people say that at the start of every year. Looks more like wishful thinking from non-Als fans than anything else...;) Damon Allen won a Grey Cup in his '40s. As long as Calvillo can play at a high level, he'll be the man in the pocket.
....I'd say he's probably as vulnerable as Pierce to injury....
LOL, papa, compare the two players' injury histories over the past five years and make that statement again with a straight face.
But we'll see how this all plays out ....Early days discipline...early days... :wink:
Early days, agreed, and the beauty of the offseason is that every fan's team is a potential Grey Cup champion on paper. ;) :D

....Your last line says it all and of make some decent points BUT I disagree with much of your take... :lol: ...It's a brand new season and ANYTHING is possible in this great league...I do know there will be some surprises and like always, scheduling and injuries, which no-one can do anything about, will come into play. I see the east as being very competitive but there will be winners and losers with a whole myriad of factors dictating the out-come. I know we're doing some serious recruiting and hope to definitely improve on our finish of last year. But then so does everyone. One thing we do know is that we'll do it without Brink, Elliott AND a few of the gigglers who were caught performing when we got blown-out by Calgary last year...We're starting from a better position already. :wink: GOBIGBLUE...

I admire you guys. It must suck to live the same old crap every year and see other teams making moves and fighting for a GC.


And yet in the last 5 years, we've been to as many grey cups as BC, Calgary, and Toronto, and with all their moves and fighting Edmonton and Hamilton haven't been. Only teams with more than 1 appearance in the last 5 years are the 2 years the Als and Riders played off back to back. I would go further but your stupid comments don't deserve more of my time.'ll have to forgive hfxtc, wolverine...Every year when he comes in here to 'slag' us he is usually in heavy worry mode...Doesn't like to see us doing too well ya know...We might just disappoint him and his obvious biased assessments BUT i still have to admire him for his futile attempts :lol:

I haven't seen a good Bomber team since K.Jones big year. But glad you guys are happy :lol:

Beats living in a non CFL or NHL city. I feel sorry for you guys in Halifax , just having to watch games on TV . But glad you guys are happy :lol:

I'm kinda new here but I 'm disappointed in HFX guy. Has he always been such a mean spirited guy like this? Couple of these Montreal guys seem like provocateurs don't they. Disapponting.

He lives in Montreal iirc.

Personally I think he's a closet Bomber fan with the way he follows the team so closely.

What's with you? I've been having a very civil conversation with papazoola, who I've known for many years on this board. He's taken some shots at my team, and I've taken some shots at his, but at the end of the day, we both know it's all in good fun, and really, we're just chewing the fat until the season starts.

Its ok some of us have more than one residence, actually me and my brother are looking at some property in Costa Rica right now which would make it my third :slight_smile: Just so you know I saw Montreal vs BC, MOntreal vs Toronto and the Eastern Final last year live and in colour :lol: Also got to see five CIS games. I attend two to five CFL games a year. This season I plan on catching the Moncton game, a game in Montreal, one in Toronto and hopefully a playoff game.

As for watching on TV. there are worst ways to spending a beautiful Thursday night than watching a CFL game on an HD plasma screen sitting in an open solarium with a nice bottle of Barolo or Nebiolo. November is nice too.

I luvs my TSN :slight_smile:

Go Buck !

Now that's funny...I swear you said before you didn't drink. Come around, have you? Or just more of the same old HFX spin things as they need to be spun?

You can only keep so many plates spinning.....or in his case, plate.

Haha...that is funny.
Ah internet lives...and lies.

Anyone notice that each additional year AC puts on, these guys come on here to try and prove how good the ALs are. Sorry chumps, the Als scare no one anymore!

I notice these clowns and trolls think they are experts and none of them have zero coaching , playing and pro management experience.Don't live in the city ,have no idea whats going on , but just yammer on. Then we call them on it and they cry and whine.The funny thing is , most of them are from the East , where they can't draw flies to games and the NFL is more important in their city.

:lol: :lol:

Oh man. You guys crack me up.

You know it could be considered trolling if you contribute nothing........

Losing two franchises cracks me up and thats just the CFL ! :slight_smile: