Brink released

Didn't see this coming.

Me either. That pretty much salts it as Buck being the starter, unless Goltz is lights out in camp. Also must mean they have or are close to signing 2 other QBs.

They must be supremely confident in Goltz and whoever they're negotiating to bring in, because honest to God, given Buck's injury history, how on earth do you cut all the veteran backup experience from your QB roster when you KNOW Pierce can't stay healthy?

And there they are -Max Hall and Chase Clement

I'd rather have Brink to be honest. Clement quit the CFL once already after just one practice, real character guy (funny how they leave that little tidbit out of his bio). Maybe he's learned something. Max Hall is uninteresting to me also, and will have some rust on him having spent the last year as a coach.

What a strange group they have in Winnipeg. Is it just me or does anyone think that a dart board is deciding things?

But that said I agree that Brink was not going to be the answer. The brass there just seem so confused with the timing of things. And when they kept Brink, didn't pursue McPherson, cut Elliot.... then cut Brink....???

I have no idea but wish them luck starting over....again.

They must be counting on another rookie or two coming in.

Good luck Buck.

hey need to free up the money to sign new quarterbacks. Mack is like the guy at the Casino with one last silver dollar in his cup and hoping he pulls the winning lever.

Ah....there you go. Good luck.

Elliott and Brink both had 3 years of development time and I guess the team brass felt they weren't where they should be after 3 years and bailed on both. Elliott was probably cut first because he had the bulk of the onfield time and they felt was more of a risk going forward. Brink was held on to in case they only signed one QB they were chasing. Turns out they signed 2, so Brink was let go. Unfortunately this leads them back to where they were 3 years ago with Buck being the most experienced QB and the biggest risk. Goltz, like Jyles was before, is the only safety net, and given his lack of experience he's a pretty risky one.

Clement was in Ticat camp a few years back and quit. The Ticat beat writer said he had a weak arm. Why would Mack take a flyer on him, and another guy in Hall who has basically not been playing for a while? Unless Goltz has some skills, when Pierce goes down, it will be the same old story. I agree that it makes sense for the Bombers to perhaps trade for Glenn, as unhappy as that will make Bomber fans feel.

...Not even going to comment on the Glenn remark... :lol: Should be an interesting competition between Pierce and Goltz..two guys with all of the experience ... Clement and Hall will certainly be in learning mode...The foundation for a different look and direction at qb. for the Bombers has been laid... :wink:

Since then hes played I think it is a full season and a half as a starter in the UFL, gotten a little more coaching and experience for whatever its worth. I'm sure they've worked him out and asked him to make CFL type throws, maybe he's improved since. Still, I'm less than enthused by him.

Really, papa? Because the foundation looks exactly like what it was a few years ago: an injury-prone Pierce starting and a bunch of unproven guys behind him. Hall and Clement are pretty much Brink and Elliott from three years ago.

..Hey, I said a different look as well....You've never seen these two new guys in a Bomber uniform before...Now admit it :lol: Kidding aside, when you know you haven't got the right people AND have given them sufficient time to develop and they haven't...You go in a different direction...You know like you guys did with Ted White and McPhersen :wink:

Completely different circumstances. First of all, there's no uncertainty about who our starter is, whereas in Winnipeg, going with a guy made 100% of glass who can't buy milk from the grocery store without spraining something is lunacy. We've seen this movie about a million times now. At what point do you just admit that the Buck Pierce experiment is over and release him? THAT would be going in a different direction. What Mack is doing is just more of the same: cut the backups, put your faith in Pierce staying healthy (better odds of winning the lottery), and hope that one of your completely unproven backups can catch fire when (not if) Buck goes down.

Second, our backup actually HAS experience. You and I may not be wild about Quinton Porter, but he's got a fair degree of CFL experience under his belt. If Calvillo is injured, Porter should be able to step in and at least manage a game, which is really all we want from the backup.

Third, we have a brand-new coaching staff. So obviously there are going to be changes. By contrast, Winnipeg has the same HC and OC they had last season, yet they're still choosing to go back to Pierce? By virtue of repetition, this is starting to look like the definition of insanity.

....we're not releasing Buck cuz we don't want you guys to pick him up...which I know nfl struck Popp would do right away...Pierce is destined to be qb. coach...eventually...Maybe sooner than later that's why we've kept the door open ....AND WE DO NOT have the same coach(s) as last year'''It was a tandem of a winner ,Burke( you remember him) and loser Lapo who we've since shown the door...Granted Burke still has a lot to prove but then so does your guy...I'll give Burke the edge there..Keep your fingers crossed that AC stays healthy, discipline..cuz if he goes down you'll be in a world of hurt...That new coach of yours might be looking for the nearest exit :lol:

Is it me or were the Bombers not even sure they wanted Pierce back a month or two ago ? I'll have to do a google search.

It seems to me that they started the offseason not guaranteeing he'll be back, that there will be changes and whether that includes him on the team or not was too soon to tell. Then after Elliotts release it changed to Buck will get a chance to compete. Now with Brink gone and the two new guys it becomes Buck by default.

The moves make it possible to keep both Hall and Clement on the roster, depending on whether either beats on Goltz or is willing to accept a PR spot if they don't make the top 3 in TC. It also gives them a built in excuse if the rails fall off. They promised to redo the QB situation as the fans were clamoring for, so if it doesn't work, it becomes well we did what u asked for and its going to take a year or two to coach up the new guys into starters. Its a big risk. I think there's some assumption of a safety net with the fans because of the new stadium, but I fully think that if these team is ineffective on offense and rotating guys in and out trying to find a win with anyone after buck gets hurt by midseason, the boo birds will bet out and a lot of fans will stay away. You've got 2 teams in the east in transition, complete new coaching staff in Mtl, Calvillo possibly being in his last season yet again, and in Hamilton they are playing in a smaller stadium in Guelph, worse travel, new coaching staff also, and a disgruntled star who may not show this year - this team could really take advantage, it'll be a shame if the QB situation keeps them on the outside looking in.

Well regardless I think ultimately winny management has done the right thing. it should be exciting.
I would ignore the petty snipes from afar.


Pierce is destined to be qb. coach
We've got enough ex-Bombers on staff, thanks (Dinwiddie and Berry). ;)
AND WE DO NOT have the same coach(s) as last year'''It was a tandem of a winner ,Burke( you remember him) and loser Lapo who we've since shown the door...
Um, did you read my post? I said HC and OC. Burke was HC for the latter half of 2012; Crowton was the OC the entire way. LaPo being canned doesn't matter. What matters is that this year's HC and OC were on Winnipeg's coaching staff last year, had a chance to evaluate Pierce firsthand, and are STILL going back to him. That's just idiotic. Never mind the fact that Burke is a defensive guy who, by his own admission, has a very limited understanding of offenses.
Granted Burke still has a lot to prove but then so does your guy
Yep, but we're not the ones coming into the season with a QB who can't even play 60 minutes of football without getting injured. Also, we won the division last year despite being ravaged by injury. So I'm more inclined to trust the man who has proven more (Popp) than the man (Mack) whose hallmark so far seems to be an unwillingness to step outside the box and a refusal to spend money (how much you want to bet dollars factored into the release of Brink and/or Elliott?).
...I'll give Burke the edge there..
Why? Because he had half a season coaching one of the worst teams in the league? Because Winnipeg's roster is so vastly superior to Montreal's? :lol:
Keep your fingers crossed that AC stays healthy, discipline..cuz if he goes down you'll be in a world of hurt...That new coach of yours might be looking for the nearest exit :lol:
LOL, you Bomber fans are so used to your starting QB leaving the game due to injury that you're surprised when it doesn't happen to a team that knows how to build a good O-line and protect its quarterback. ;) ;) :P

…CA’MON discipline…you know Popp would be all over Pierce like a fat kid on a sundae…Look at all the guys he’s signed since last year…It looked to me like he was signing any cast-off that moved. :lol: AND yes I read your post 'you said we had the same coaches as last year…Guess you forgot we signed Dickensen …Certainly it matters that we canned Lapo…he was a dud…AND I’d say Burke has probaby a little more CFL experience than your newbie :lol: AND It’s getting late in the day for ol folks AC…I’d say he’s probably as vulnerable as Pierce to injury…But we’ll see how this all plays out …Early days discipline…early days… :wink: