Brink deserves his shot

1 day of practise for brink. he still deserves more time.

people aka bomber fans need to have patience here.

people go on about not winning cups in 20 ++ years, wanna know why? we havent had a qb who could stay healthy in 20 ++ years.

until the fans allow the bombers to groom and develope a qb, whether it be brink elliot goltz whoever, ncaa dude noone has heard of yet.. it wont happen.

Pierce is not the answer, if he could stay healthy, he might be but unfortunately he cant.

I don't know what back-up QB would have looked good under the same circumstances Brink was facing. A short week with little practice time. Losing Edwards in the 1st quarter. Matthews being injured and missing part of the game. Simpson cramping up a lot in the 2nd half. A full week of practices with 1st team reps should do a lot for the timing issues that we saw in Toronto.

i dunno if calvillo ray lulay whoever, could do much when they only get 1.5 seconds if that to make the read and throw the ball.. the guy gets zero protection from the oline, not just brink tho, pierce didnt get much protection either.. Honestly, you could put AC in there and ill bet he looks as bad with no protection.

I agree with you Blue Blood, no backup QB would have looked good under those circumstances. That said, however, I also believe that no other backup QB would look as bad, going 9 for 34, unless his name was Ted White.

if their oline was awful and they lost 2 of their best receivers basicallly on the opening series of the game, im not sure that some wouldnt have looked as bad. sure 1 receiver came back but losing edwards was a huge loss. our backup is a canadian in etienne. not ripping etienne but him in for edwards is just.. its a HUUUUUUGE HUGEEE drop off.

Granted he didn't have much to throw too, he still missed some open receivers, a couple for TD's, he just looked really rusty. Give him a week of practice and if he's still off, time for the next guy.

Exactly. Brink isn't entirely new to the starting role, but this short week wasn't a good test of anything much. As I said elsewhere, my biggest cause for concern is either the playcalling or Brink's decision making, whatever it was that led to all those deep ball incompletions and key interceptions. Give him one more chance to perform, but if he can't show well against Jyles and the Eskimos, it's time for Elliott.

Granted the Eskies have the league's best defence at present, but we can't afford to play excuse-of-the-week all season.

Brink is getting the start on Thursday , will be nice to have a QB to actually be under center for two starts in a row. If it goes bad ,probably see Elliot in the second half, which is fair.

The Stadium will be rocking too, thus this game will speak a story I say; both teams are tough on Defense and Brink/Jyles have their work cut out for them. Give Brink that extra little second in the pocket and he can deliver/running game will be key I think to keep the Eskies off balance. For the Esks; Charles is playing a big role...Stamps; just a matter of time for him to do damage. Turnovers decide this game perhaps? I look for a close game one way or the other.

I don't know if Brink deserves a shot, but with our porous O-line, he's going to take plenty of shots. He'll be lucky to make it out of the game without the help of a stretcher.

I think the BB will be jacked up for their first home game, but don't know how far that will take them against an Edmonton team that walked into B.C. and kicked the crap out of the GC champs. If the BB don't win this game, they could be 0-8 after this homestand.

The O-line and defense need to get better. O-lines take time to gel, but Mack could bring in some players to beef up our once-feared defense.

He had two days to prepare for Toronto. If this city wants a QB to be a impact player on this team, we need to give our QBS a shot.His top reciever was out,other one was banged up and o line a mess. Yess Brink didn't help his own cause,as well. We have nothing to lose by starting Brink. It's funny how this city has ALWAYS said, oh the guy not starting is Doug Flutie. Usually it's based on a guy playing mop up time in the 4th q against the other teams drink and popcorn vendors who are in the game at that point. Elliot will get his shot, but he better pass for 450 and 4 td,s. Or I will be dissapointed! :slight_smile:

Edmonton's defence is full of playmakers and hard hitters. Brink will be running for his life against the Eskies. And so will Elliott when he is inserted into the game to start the second half.

Brink, or anyone else comming in new to the league, need at least 8 starts before you can have a real feel for what they are capable of, IMO. That means no pulling them when they have a bad play or 2-3-4 in a row. Live with the growing pains and let them learn on the fly. Pretty sure they learn this game built on how they handle some adversity, which they are going to go through no matter how good you were in college. It's a new game for them and once they adjust it seems they take off by leaps and bounds if they are the real deal. The shock of all the new formations and offensive motion seems to hit home and then they are more comfortable and their ability seems to come to the front, if they have it.

Brink looked pretty good to me, not much he could do about drops and penalties to kill drives and big plays.

I agree. That's why I would think, give him the next 6 games no matter what. He will be night and day improved from where he is now after that, and should be a keeper for the forseeable future for the Bombers.

I loved Brink's attitude tonight. He's decided he wasn't going to be a "nail" anymore and its been a long time since I've seen a QB carry the ball like that. My kind of player... His stats get hit with two interceptions but they were not due to bad reads or throws. Things are falling into place for Winnipeg still some issues with the oline but the rest is looking really good. Matthews is going to be a star in this league. hopefully Mack has learned a few things and will locks him up in the off season. So he dosen't get poached. Chad Simpson has great technique. If they can win 3 or 4 of their August games they can get back in it.

And it all starts with our next 2 games - Montreal and Hamilton.

beat montreal next week and they are back in "it" already. both teams would be 2-4.

wouldnt surprise me if in a couple weeks, the east looked like...

toronto 3-3
hamilton 2-4
wpg 2-4
montreal 2-4