Brink deserves his shot

This city always has been ,the next guy is better. We need to be patient with Brink, see what he has to offer. Looks like it will be a good year to see what both Brink and Elliot have to offer. Brink had a TD called back and a drop for another TD. If Brink doesn't seize his chance, let Elliot have his shot.

Brink will be a Bomber for awhile, even if he isn't #1.

I agree.
But seriously who here doesn’t believe he has a concussion? when you are knocked out, KNOCKED OUT, you are concussed by dictates of logic.
this is a disaster in the making. Lapolice, who kinda looks lost and forlorn, needs to step up and take charge and state- “Buck is down and we are moving on. Brink needs to recover, my call. Elliot is in. Johnson needs to shut up or sit down.
and we are trying a new RB.
And I (lapolice) will get a grip.”

I thought he was dead after that hit but if the Drs. say he's not concussed, who are we to argue it.

He was NOT knocked out. How many times does that have to be said. Why do armchair medics making amateur diagnosis based on a replay on TV think they know more than the doctors who actually examined him?!?!

A coach needs to step up and argue. For anyone who has been knocked out and is going to get hit in the head in 5 days we know. especially after another plane ride. Madness. You know it and so do we. And he was knocked out.
Lapolice needs to make that call.
Its very simple if youve been there.
if youre trying to be the good guy then Elliot this week then Brink next.

Where did you get your medical degree from and when did you examine Brink? His face wasn't shown on TV because he was facing away from the camera. How do you know with such certainty that the doctors (and that would be the Esks' doctors who would have done the initial examination I believe), Lapo and Brink are lying? And before you say it's because he wasn't moving - Brink has apparently said that he felt something in his neck area so he stayed as still as possible.

Fact is that maybe only Brink knows exactly how bad he was hurt. You'd expect the coaches and training staff in the current atmosphere of concern over head shots and concussions would take every precaution not to throw a player out on the field if they have had one recently and risk further injury. At the same time, you have to rely on the player to provide truthful answers as to what he's feeling and in this case you have a player who faces getting his first true chance at taking over the #1 spot with another quality QB behind him that could cost him that chance if he doesn't play.

He wasn't knocked out, please back your claim up?

I have never been around so many" couch doctors", who sit on the couch ,drink their beer and magically know more than the Medical staff and the player in question. It's worse on the main forum, people assuming Brink had a concussion. It's pathetic!

I'd love for Brink to go out, put together a quality game and shut up al these doubters.

I think Brink should get the next two games at least to see what he can do. He hasn't had a full week of 1st team reps, Toronto will be tough. Home vs Edmonton, hopefully yields results. There is no need to rush Elliot, we are not Grey Cup contenders this year, it's a great chance to see what we got. If Elliot starts games 8 through 10, instead of asap, what is it going to matter, in his development. He will get his shot. Both of these QB,S will get a great shot at establishing themselves. We are in a great position in that reguard. Ending Grey Cup drought this year, not so much . lol

Fair enough.
I’ll suspend disbelief. A key to any good fiction is the willing suspension of disbelief.
If the story changes, and symptoms do get acknowledged, will you jump in and do a little recant?
For now , suspending disbelief, I’ll recant.
He wasn’t knocked out, he wasn’t out before he landed, he only had a sore neck, he didn’t try and get up with his head turned sideways, he wasn’t wobbly. And if you are knocked out it doesn’t mean concussion. He’s perfectly ok. And athletes struggling to get their place never lie. History has told us so.

You must be a Doctor :roll: , so you were able to diagnose that he had a concussion from your couch? Ill go with what the Medical and Football professionals have stated on the record. Unless you have a shred of eveidence to back your claim up? I'm going with what The Doctors and Bombers are stating. You have nothing , zero to back your claim up.

Kasps…sheesh. what is your cognitive issue?
I recanted .

With enough if's and but's to make it a spineless recant.

no ifs and buts at all.
just observations and not blind tailings

......some would say Brink has already had his shot....delivered by Sherritt/...I know, my bad....Alex did a yeomans job last year when called upon....Don't see why he can't deliver again...He might have a lesser o line up front but he was getting enough protection to move the ball against the esks...I remember when Lulay was starting out and I believe it was against us, one of our players put a huge lick on him when he tried to run for a first down...He looked like he was stunned by a right hook from Ali ...stumbled around and headed off the field...Lulay learned and I think Brink has got his first lesson....Playing smart football keeps you around, playing like Buck, though courageous, is not conducive to a long career....Brink will be alright...he has got a lot to learn however and that continues Wed. against T.O. :wink:

I think it was Obby on Spin Zone last night who said something about all our QB's behind Buck were pocket passers, which isn't great considering our oline. he thought a more mobile QB would better fit the line, just found it interesting.

Worth noting too that LaPolice had success as an OC with a mobile QB (Durant in SSK).