When Brink was starting every camera shot to the sidelines you would see elliot and Brink contstantly talking. Although Brink publicly showed his displeasure in not getting the start this week when the camera showed the sideline it was Brink discussing strategy with Elliot. I have mentioned it before the Gary Crowton, Elliot, and Brink all seem comfortable with the offense and each other. Buck Pierce just did not seem to fit in at all

they got along with buck also, the qb crew. no story there. they are all friends really.

i think Brink understood the decision and obviously was disappointed but his reaction was also in part based on how it was handled - he found out after practice after the club sent out a tweet about the move during practice. He didn't know about the move until told by a reporter.

....It;s nice to have this qb. stable....Mr. Mack should get kudos for re-signing all three....Brink does not hesitate to give Joey all the help he can...AND I sure like him on 3rd. and one on short yardage plays....Mr. Automatic......Pierce should come back with some serious play after watching Joe tonight....Should be all good for the BigBlue :rockin: