Brings a tear to my eye

We miss ya Mike

....THAT WAS MY GUY THUNDER....what a back...and i seen him kind of laugh while carrying 2-3 guys on his back down-field on many occasions...He made Ricky Williams look like an amateur....oh i do miss those days piggy... :cry: :cry:..nice pics...

i kinda miss that whole era look how many players we lost after that season Bolden, Bruce, Sellers wow just imagine those guys didn’t go to NFL wow what a dynasty we would have right now Sellers and Bolden were the biggest losses we really need to go for a FB like seller or szarka this off season we need that key lead blocker again

I rememeber that game. After hardly any offence on either side all game Winnipeg just decides that for one entire drive they are going to hand if off to Sellers every play. I remember he fought down to the two only to have the wierdest flag thrown. "Tandam Blocking". I had never seen it before and have never seen it since.

I really miss having Sellers though.

When I first saw Bolden I thought he was the most tallented rookie I'd ever seen, then when he came back I just thought he was the best DB I'd ever seen. As for Mike, I knew from his NFL play that he was a superstar. The way they use him now, he could play 15 more years.

Hey Sellers was fantastic. I am a Rider fan but I was a huge Sellers fan anytime he wasn't playing us. I vividly remember one catch of his where he had his feet cut out from under him BEFORE the ball got to him and he still caught while upside down in the air. The CFL was fortunate to be able to watch him for a few years. If he had completed university and been eleigible for the NFL draft, he would never have been here.

Sellers was fun to watch, even if he was with the opposition.

He was also a very good blocking back for Roberts. That is something that is overlooked as well.

Great player, I remember those days when he would manhandle defenders with or without the ball in his hands.

Too bad for Winnipeg that he left for the NFL, he certainly was one of the premiere fullbacks in recent years.