Bring Troy Davis back so he can retire a TIcat.

I just thought I'd get in on the ground floor of this one. :wink: :stuck_out_tongue:

i would love for that to happen, but. is troy done playing??

Hey, he can be our new "Little Ball of Hate"!

no we got a Davis …
His Name is Anthony

If it a 1 Day Contract I would say Okay.
but nothing Longer

I think we need to give Anthony Davis and Lumsden chances to show whether or not they can be amongst the best.

If Davis comes back, he can't be penned in at starter immediately. I'd consider his signing in Hamilton 'verteran insurance' in the event that somehow the backfield combination of Lumsden, A. Davis, Holmes and Radlein go completely bust.

I was kidding guys.

You bugger.

Let me qualify that, I love Troy. I appreciate all he did as a Ticat and I was very unhappy to see him go, but I'm against the "bring him back to retire a Ticat" signings and I knew it was coming so I thought I'd beat everyone to the punch. :wink:

It would be fun to bring back guys like Davis, Montford, & McManus for one last (symbolic) hurrah so that all can "retire as Ticats." The only question will be whether Troy & Joe can still walk by the time Danny is ready to hang up the cleats.


I thought that you were a good person and now look what you've done. For shame. :wink:

I think that you need one of those vacations that you arrange!

Just trying to lighten things up, Mark.

What's this big deal about retiring as a Tiger-Cat?

Isn't it enough that we can remember those who played here for what they actually performed while we watched?

Was there a special day for the guys who came here, played nowhere else, and simply hung up their cleats when the time came? What could possibly be served by bringing anybody back? Who decides which ones deserve this honour?

Get real. If a guy plays here, moves on for whatever reason, and plays out his string elsewhere, so be it. It's over. We don't have to make a production out of everything.

Well said, Wilf. I couldn't agree more.

Not many players retiring as Ticats least of their own free will. :stuck_out_tongue:

I agree with Wilf 100% on this. Can't say it any better.

Well fellow fans sorry to say, but my family and friends have decided to retire as season ticket holders.We decided to gather at my house and watch the games, so if the game gets boring we can push a button and put on a good game.It's mot because of the losing seasons, it's a number of things, like the price of food and drinks, and as a senior I enjoyed going to watch the practices. I met a lot of nice people there who loved the cats as much as me, like kids from the Big Brothers Assoc. Classes from school,and those special seniors who came to every practice to make sure the players had cool refreshments after practice. Well our team boss stopped that, and it was also a disappointment to my grandkids who accompanied me on occasion. Also it may be a good idea to bring Troy back as insurance, remember Lumsden got injured in his 2 try outs in the N.F.L.ZZzz

The GM said he felt that players weren’t taking their jobs seriously enough, and the performance on the field seemed to back him up. He said that the atmosphere at practice was too casual, and the team’s (lack of) preparation most games seemed to back that up.

Like it or not, the practice field is a place of business and it’s the GM’s job is to make sure that the necessary work gets done there. If he feels the fans are a distraction, he should lock them out.

I realize it was an important ritual for some fans, and maybe the team can find a compromise AFTER the team starts to COMPETE again. Something like opening practice up one day a week on weeks after a win.

Football is a business and in Hamilton we havent exactly been rocketing up the standings in recent seasons .So we bring in someone who maybe can help us with that problem . He comes in and sees that maybe the players are a little to comfortable in the dressing room and on the practice field .

  So he decides that the place to start is getting rid of said players who are supposed to be leaders but maybe have become the ones who are accepting losing . He starts to rid us of these players and he`s taking nothing but grief for it . He closes the practices and people complain . He is trying to fix the problem people . Lets get behind them instead of in front, whinning and complaining .

 Sorry to get off target , but it seems no matter who is cut or who ISNT signed people on here seem to think they know better, when they no very little . The time to complain is IF and when the team continues to lose .

As for the price of food and beverages , welcome the world of pro sports . If you think any other pro sport is cheaper i`d like to hear about it !!!!!

Open practices are being considered this year
and probably restrictions will be put in place.

A rheotorical question to reflect on, sec8since72.

If fans in the stands are a distraction to ANY player
then, how do they go about their business in games?

Those "special seniors who came to every practice
to make sure the players had cool refreshments"
were not in the stands, they set up at field level

and unbeknownst to them and us in the stands
when the players left the field, their practice
or "business hours" hadn't necessarily ended.

The actual distraction last year was mingling
with players before "business hours" were over.

A reasonable question, but I'll answer it with another question - the way THIS team played so far this decade, can you really say that THEY were able to go about their business in games.

Could be the team would have done better if Mr. DesJardins had closed the stadium to fans on game day as well. :wink:

I don't think it's fans in the stands being in the stands that's the problem. I can't say I know first hand how casual things were at practice last year - I haven't been in three or four years. But judging by the GM's comments and some of the tales told by regular posters here about their chatting and joking with players, there are days I imagined it as a full uniform meet and greet.