Bring the pages back!

When this forum was re-launched two + years ago, the pages disappeared from threads. At the time I mentioned that pages should be brought back because they were a useful feature. Scrolling for minutes on end to get to the last few posts in a 500+_ post thread is very annoying.

But nothing has been done. Why not?


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There is a somewhat hard-to-see slider on the right hand side of the posts that allows you to get to the end (or anywhere else in the thread) very quickly.

Have you tried the slider on hard core threads with hundreds and hundreds of posts such as this one?

The slider is alright for short threads but....


On my Mac Command + down arrow takes me to the bottom

Okay. But I'm frequently looking for a post that someone (often me) made several years ago that's somewhere in the middle of a thread. With pages I can guesstimate the location and find the post much more quickly.

Have you tried clicking on the red numbers at the bottom right-hand side? That will let you scroll through the thread and it shows you the date of the posts as you scroll. That'd likely be faster than guesstimating pages one by one.

Yes I have tried that. It takes minutes and minutes. I really do prefer the page system.


It would defintely be nice to allow the user to choose. I prefer the scroll myself.