Bring the Noisemakers

How often do we get a home game Eastern Final and chance to win the Grey Cup.

Let’s do everything we can as fans to help the Ticats earn a birth to the Grey Cup.

I suggest that we all spread the word to all the Ticat fans going to the Eastern Final to bring noise makers such as horns , vuvuzelas, cow bells, air horns etc…
The Boys in Black and Gold would be very appreciative to have the loudest stadium in the CFL.
This noise can not be underestimated as it will have a very negative affect on Trevor Harris and the Eskimos offence.

If we are deafening loud when Trevor’s in the huddle and when calling the signals for the ball to be hupped to him then we will cause them to be quite chaotic, frustrated and very hard to hear the play call .
We will also eliminate Trevor’s ability to change the play on the fly if he doesn’t like what he sees with respect to the play he called.

The noise causes anxiety and makes things very frustrating and difficult to communicate and tends to cause players to get the play wrong or cause broken plays, time count violations and wasting time outs.

This noise also pumps up the defence and energizes them .
The defences confidence grows and the offence is under seige and unable to relax.

I know when the Ticats go to Regina to play Sask it is incredibly loud and last all game.
I can see the Ticats Qb and offensive co-ordinator getting agitated and have to concentrate to hear eachother and I have seen many broken plays and miscues and timeouts being called under the seige and anxiety.

Let’ face it Edmonton’s QB Trevor Harris is likely the best QB in the CFL. He has come up with huge games last week in Montreal completing 33 of 36 passes and 22 in a row for 429 yards. He was calm and relaxed all game with minimal aggrivation and noise issues and nobody touched him or sacked him .
This performance was earily similar to how he sliced and diced the Ticats in last years Eastern Final at home in Ottawa.

We also had no pass rush and didn’t touch him all game and it was very quiet when had the ball being at home so he had his way with us with similar numbers as he had last week in Montreal.

Well what we say to that is no way not in our house…not in the hamner.
Screaming and clapping is nice and should be done as well but the noise makers will have a major impact on the gane and Trevor’s ability to communicate, relax and concentrate. He and the offence will be posed with the problem of noise and not being able to hear the offensive co-ordinator on the headset and hard to communicate in the huddle and when calling signals to hup the ball. Taking away a QB’s ability to change a play on the fly cannot be undetestimated as they would be forced to run a play that they’d prefer not to run based on the placement of our defenders.
The QB may in desperation attempt to call the audible anyway and likely not all the players heard the changed play properly which could cause a broken play and wasted down.

The deafening noise causes confusion, frustration , and difficulty in performing effectively.
If we can be louder than we have ever been with more noise makers than we have ever had then we will negatively impact the Eskimos offence and Trevor Harris ability to execute.

I think we all have seen Ticats offensive players waiving their towels and raising ther arms up and down encouraging all the fans to make as much noise as possible.
Being an offensive player they know how much noise can negatively impact an offence.

The Ticats team and organization has treated us to a great record breaking season with a record of 15 and 3 . We had the most ponts scored and least allowed in the CFL. We went unbeaten at home with a 9 and 0 record.
Coach O will win coach of the year and SpeedyB will win the MOP.
Simoni could win the Defensive Player of the Year too.

Let’s show our appreciation and hunger for a grey cup to the Ticats and the CFL by making the Donut Box a deafening loud hostile environment for Trevor Harris and the Eskies offence to deal with.
This will fire up our defence and give them adrenalin and positive energy.

Lets’s give the Ticats a push and the advantage they so deserve as the 13th man.

We all want them to go to the Grey Cup and want them to win and enjoy the festivities in Calgary and be proud Hamiltonians and Ticat diehard fans with a huge celebration and Parade.

So, if you are going to the game or know anyone that is please pass on the word to bring noise makers to the game to make things as dificult as possible for their offence to perform.

Let’s show the CFL that we are the best and loudest in the league and you ain’t gonna win in our house and stop us from going to the Grey Cup and winning it.

The Grey Cup is in the hammer in 2021 so let’s start the streak of Grey Cups and make Tim Horton’s field and the hammer the hardest place to win a game because it’s way too loud.

Please spread the word . It’s notoo late to borrow or purchase a vuvuzela or cow bell.
I know the Tocats store sells cow bells that you see on the website and purchase at the Ticats store at the stadium.
I google where to buy Vuvuzelas in the Hamilton area and the results are below:

Walmart, Canadian Tire, The Party Store, Home Depot, Sport Chek, and Best Buy.

To buy Cow Bells you can go to :
Best Buy, Long and Mcquade Musical Instruments, Michaels, Sport Check, and Walmart.

Air Horns can be purchased at :
Canadian Tire, Sport Check, Walmart, The Party Store, Dollarama, Home Hardware

Oskie Wee Wee

Well, at least you came up with a more descriptive title than the guy who started this thread:
Eastern Final at Home

But not nearly as concise with the message.

Can you bring empty thermoses under a litre to the stadium and get them to fill them with hot beverage? Anyone know ? Like a big bubba or contigo?

Should be good as long as it’s empty, yeah.

Ixnay on the Raiay Ornshay! They are prohibited at THF and they are so annoying to nearby fans as well as players!

Tell em gerbear approved it.

Fill them with Whiskey, and it will keep you warmer than any hot beverage… :o :stuck_out_tongue:

Hahahahaha I’m using code words.

You can also get the Cow Bells at the Tiger-cats Roar store.

I’m thinking this weekend is a great time for the team to issue a free Official Tiger Cat cowbell handout to the first 20,000 fans to enter the gates.

There won’t be any soccer fans that show up early to grab them all, either.

Yeah there would be. I’m a huge soccer fan and so is everybody in my family as well as most of my friends. Coincidentally we are all huge Ti-Cat fans and we all love cowbells. We would really treasure our Tiger-Cat cowbells and even bring them to Forge FC games.

That’s no coincidence. If your whole family loves cowbells it could be due to a genetic predisposition.

My whole family just adores tubas. You should hear our annual picnics.

Let’s bring them all to the game. With that kind of cacophony Harris should end up with at least half a dozen time count violations. ;D

Bring the noise makers but most importantly bring yourselves. And what I mean by that is break the mould of the regular season and stop hanging out in the concourse sipping beer and getting good shots for your Instagram, and sit in your seat and he as loud as possible. This was my first full season experience at Tim hortons field and man it is far different than ivor wynne. IW was loud,packed and always a tough place for teams to play. Thf is basically a social club, mildly loud and most people just socializing on the concourse rather than watching the game. Yeah I hear it’s the new generation but tell that to Winnipeg and Saskatchewan. We have the best team this city has ever had and likely ever will have so itd be a crime to have a mediocre east final crowd and expect them to win.friends don’t let friends Instagram and chill at thf :wink: lol. Bring the noise! I’m bringing my buddy from Toronto to watch his first game,and he’s going to be cheering on the black and gold as loud as possible. Oskee wee wee

It is disappointing that it has become a “social club” but the Ticats have encouraged it and will continue to do so. I stay planted in my seat all game except for washroom and concession breaks. We have to be loud. The 2014 game was amazing and the atmosphere electric.

Concourse is gonna be lit.

I thought the atmosphere at last year’s ESF ‘blackout’ game was absolutely electric. We need to repeat that excitement, whether its bums in the seats or crowds on the concourses and end zones.

Too big an opportunity to let slip away due to a dead crowd?

I am NOT looking forward to the possibility of new people next to our group - once again - complaining about us making noise.

2 games ago a guy wanted to throw our cowbells away saying that noise in the stands ‘wasn’t heard on the field’. When I pulled up several academic studies on my phone (yes, they exist) that showed home crowd noise had a very positive effect on victories he wanted to throw our gear over the railing.

Then he said the only time to make noise was when your team is on offense. I just turned away.

Oh yeah… bringing the cowbells this week. ?

Head over to Section 111, you’ll be welcomed with open arms. “Move those chains?!