Bring the noise!

Lets get loud when our Tiger-Cats are on Defence, as soon as the visiting team is in there huddle LET GET LOUD !!!!!

During the Calgary Game the noise did help, Calgary had to call time out at one point it was so loud.

The Cats need the 13th Man. It does help !!!!!!!!

I don't know the company the City uses to set up the sound system but we have the same problem at Copps. Every time they come in the system gets screwed up and Mike the music guy takes it on the chin

And apparently, Pigskin Pete was responsible for some of that noise, according to what was said here: viewtopic.php?f=5&t=45901

And I remember when that timeout was called, the crowd was very loud, and that had to be a reason they had to use up a timeout.

Just a note to fans, when your Tiger-Cats are on Defence, as soon as the visiting team is in there huddle, start getting LOUD, when your Tiger-Cat are on Offence thats the time we dont need noise. I noticed pig skin doing an Oskee Wee when the Tiger-Cats were on Offence and in the huddle.

Bring noise makers, horns, clap sticks, etc. every little bit helps.

The NOISE does make a difference.

LETS GET LOUD ON DEFENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Just a note aswell, when that guy was taken away after climbing the uprights the crowd went INSANELY LOUD!!!!! Then the stamps couldn't get the proper calls across, thus forcing an incompleteion I believe. BE LOUD ON DEFENSE, QUIET ON OFFENSE!! THIS STUFF IS NO JOKING MATTER, WHY DO YOU THINK IT'S CALLED HOME FIELD ADVANTAGE, CAUSE THEY NEEDED A STUPID NAME FOR IT??? BRING THE LOUDEST YOU THAT YOU CAN BRING GUYS!!!!!!

Cat fans can be like the Seahawk fans of the NFL :smiley: . Make it so loud that the apposing offence takes false start penalties!! Making a lot of noise when our defense is on the field makes a big difference and the opposition hates it!! I hope were real loud for the Als game. Go Cats :rockin:

Key thing to remember also is even if the defense is stinking, make it loud. You may not be happy with their performance but your only making it worse if you quiet down. Just roar the whole team the D is on the field, show the Cat's you're there for them like they're there for you. Not only will it screw up Calvillo, but an appreciative crowd ALWAYS makes the team feel better and perform better. BE LOUD!! :twisted:

Thats right keep it LOUD !!!!!!!!!!!!


And while we're at it... while the offense is on the field... shut up until the ball is in play...

I love the obviously more hockey inclined fans at Ivor Wynne who start 'Go Cats Go'-ing when our QB is trying to call audibles... mind you there usually aren't nearly enough people doing this to cause much harm but its not very football savy...

This is going to be awesome!!! Crowd is gonna be pumped for this one!! And for the fans seated behind the Als bench — be sure to let 'em know yer there!

LETS GET LOUDER !!!!!!!!!!!!

Maybe it would help if Pigskin Pete worked more than just the North Stands. I know that it is convenient for him to stand atop the Ticats dugout(?) and lead Oskie wee wee for the Box J boys, but the endzone and South stands seem to be left out a lot. Speaking of left out, does the endzone ever get any of the free Pioneer swag anymore. I know those are the cheap seats, but where do they think the 15-19 year old males, with part time jobs (if that), that they're so interested in getting out to the games are sitting? Time to get the cheerleaders to stop bu there more often, too. Nothing like neglecting the more price sensitive (and noisy) fans at the games.
That's the other thing, all those people in Box seats, get off yer duff. If it wasn't for the people at the ends of the stands and in the endzone the place would be silent. I like the smaller crowds (don't worry I'll explain), they're the diehards, the ones that'll yell. I think over the last couple of years the yellers and diehards had been displaced by people going to games because it was fashionable. Remember the 90's 16,000 people were louder than modern day Labour days. At least we're up to 20,000 diehards, what a noisy bunch.

Don't be scared to be VOCAL!

Loudness incites more loudness. The 19,000 last week were as loud or louder than the 30,000 at Labour Day...

If your section is a little quiet... start making noise for the defense... other's will join.

The louder WE as fans are in the stadium, the less we'll have to hear Jason Farr and the McSoundBites...

Keep it real Hamilton!

Great post! Yup, just step up and get yelling. It's so contagious!
And, I love when the guys in the front row of the endzone pound on the signs -- the whole place shakes. And the guys up behind 21 and 22 that pound on the metal wall.

Hope Floyd gets a sack or two early to get everyone even more fired up!

I found it great last week that there were many fans in the crowd trying to get others to make some noise, mainly by standing up, waving the arms up for more noise and trying to get everyone awake. For the most part it was working, so if everyone can do their part and get the people around them going then eventually everyone will catch on and know when to be insanely loud.

I'm gonna practice!


Jason Farr: "Otis Floyd with the sack on Calvillo". ...or..

Referee: "Prior to the snap, timecount violation...Montreal. Still 2nd down."

Jason Far: Otis FLOYD!!!! SACK-ACK-ACK!!!!!
lmfao loved that machine gun thing Otis did last week and the second one, JJ's in front of him and falls down like he got shot :slight_smile:
this group is definitely tighter and more of a family then previous years. Last 5 years it's like "ah mom, do I really have to go to practice??? ah comon!!! we suck and we're gunna lose anyways can I just stay home?"

LETS DO THIS AGAIN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!
This time lets get even LOUDER !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

were just figuring this out now .? Fans are too busy yelling negative comments at our own team to be loud and make lots of noise ..

Your noise won’t affect the Bomber offense. The white boards and wristbands will prevail. :wink: