****************BRING THE NOISE TIGERTOWN*******************

:rockin: :rockin: JUST BRING IT :rockin: :rockin:


Bring anything that makes noise !!! We need to help this team with Home Field Advantage :rockin:

SIR YES SIR :rockin: :rockin: :rockin:

Been waiting for this thread TC..We be loud and proud tomorrow!!!!!! :rockin: :rockin:

"Home Field Advantage" -- Coach Austin says "It doesn't matter." (@ 6:44 mark in the ticats.ca main page video "Coach Austin - Nov. 14")
However, I don't see any harm coming from screaming ourselves hoarse tomorrow. Let's do it, anyway.

I wil have Yellow Horns available in Lot J the tailgating area :rockin:

How about every, that’s every, TC fan IN their seat before the game, and cheering our team onto the field. If you want to stand around the concourse and watch on TV, give your ticket to a real fan who will watch the game live!

Oskee wee wee! Let’s get some noise complaints from the neighbours!

Nah, I'll be in the bathroom/beer line till kickoff. Still a real fan. :smiley:

Just Bring the Noise when Ricky Ray starts calling signals on the Toronto Offence and LOTS OF NOISE and help PUMP UP our Tiger-Cat Defence, let's get to Ray and HAMMER the Arblows QB and anything that moves on that BLEW TEAM!!



Start Bringing the Noise when the Argos Offence is in the Huddle :rockin: :rockin:

we the fans bring the NOISE!!

the defence brings the PAIN!!!


Congratulations to all our Tiger-Cat Fans at Tim Horton's Field today and throughout the year in making lots of Noise when it counts and backing up our Defence.

Our Fans brought the Noise when needed and all Tiger-Cat fans deserve a Cheer for a great job done all season long!

Our Reward as fans is a Tiger-Cat Victory!!

Let's send our Tiger-Cats off this week with a Rally prior to departing for Ottawa!!


Gotta say it was getting a little quiet there when we were down 18-6. Masoli to Grant fixed that right quick

Yes ryan I was thinking the same thing. For a while when the offense was struggling and RR seemed to be moving the ball and threateningto keep adding to their score it did get rather quiet. Once they got themselves back into it, the noise returned. I think that TD to Grant really sparked the turnaround and energized the D. Game in Seattle just started - Now THAT is REALLY LOUD!!

I had to leave the game a bit early today, (for the first time), with about 1-1/2 min left, and while walking along Beechwood I couldn't believe the noise coming down from the stands. It was about the time Waters was attempting the tying field goal and the intensity was almost overwhelming. The fans around me in the stands make a lot of noise but to hear it from field level was beyond belief. I was close to Gage and Barton when Medlock locked up the game, and even the noise heard from there was amazing. Gave me a whole new perspective on the phrase "BRING THE NOISE**"

Heh Tabbie, Seattle is on the bucket list for me Denver and KC as well but tbh i dont think i can handle being around 80000 people. 24-30k is max for me.

Have you been to THF yet?