This game is HUGE for Hamilton, if Calgary wins and Ticats win Sunday we will be in Good shape to win the east, lets hope Winnipeg beats Ottawa Friday !

If you are going to the Game Saturday BRING THE NOISE WHEN CALGARY IS ON DEFENCE :rockin: :rockin:

Let's show the CFL who has the BEST Fans in the League :rockin:

Looks like they've only opened the lower east side for ticket sales and maybe 2,000 tickets sold if that so far for the Argos - Stamps game at THF.

all the argo "fans" will be home watching the blue jays lol,,,well maybe 2000 will be there prob half thatn ticat/stamp fas

looks like we clinch a playoff spot (at least crossover) if bc loses to edm sat night

Not True, I have tickets in the Upper Deck, Section 214, Row 14, the 200 level is reserved for promotions. I know a lot of people that are sitting up there !

Should be fun cheering against the Arblows !

I wonder how much Ricky Foley will enjoy the home field advantage or should I say "disadvantage" in Hamilton on Saturday against the Stampeders at 4:00pm?

Give Trevor Harris the noise and lots of it when the Argo's offence takes the field and help Calgary pound the Argo's into the turf at Tim Horton's Field.



There's a Bulldogs game at 7, so...not sure if I'll make it, as I am also on call. We'll see though.

Isn't that what you normally do? :smiley: :wink: