Bring The NFL to Toronto

[b]I understand that the NFL wants big television markets, but im sure roger goddell could work something out with the TV Networks in order to maximize television profits. The NFL in Toronto would bring:


-New 80,000 seat stadium in donwtown Toronto.

-Future superbowl

-future college bowl games

-more tourists

-great players like reggie bush, vince young, michael vick, vernon davis, antonio gates, LaDanian Tomlinson.

SAY YES TO THE NFL :thup: [/b]

tourists from where?...buffalo? detroit?

80,000 seat stadium?...what funding?

tourists from all over canada, since it would be canada's team.

MLSE/ROGERS are bigtime corporations and could easily gather investors to build a stadium.

the funny thing is that beleive it or not there are alot of NFL fans that are just as patioate about there teams as canadians are about the CFL. the fans will travel all over the country with their teams so yes it will help tourisim

It will never happen.

at one time they said Canada would never get an NBA team , but it happened the NBA team...what happened to the one on the west coast?

I would love to see where they would build an 80 000 seat stadium in downtown Toronto, too.

well there is the old exibition site to think of.

hey little question for every one probally full of it, but just think for a momment the NFL moves two teams in one to TO the other centrally located between Calgary and Edmonton think of the fan draw between the two cities although it will never happen

It will never happen.
Those who may have caught it, today on Fan 590 in Toronto the popular host and big CFL supporter,Bob McCown, had a great explanation into why it will never happen.
The gist of it was American TV $ and why the TV networks in the US would never allow it as there would be a financial loss to them.
Also, the other reasons being at least 10 other US markets which deserve it more and the heavy US political backing behind each market(none here in the wannabee US state), plus the $1B and the cost of a new stadium would never fly.

just because the US cities want a team don't mean squwat. the NFL itself has said that it wants a team in TO. and wants to put it there in its next expansion of two teams one to L.A. the other possibly to TO.

The NFL and its Commish have never said that.

Here are the reasons Toronto will never get an NFL team (in no particular order).

  1. Rogers and Tanembaum are rich, but will never spend $800 million on a football stadium.

  2. David Miller is against using taxpayers' money for a new stadium.

  3. The NFL is happy to keep American football in America (as they call themselves).

  4. There is not enough interest in the NFL in Toronto. Football is not as big as in the US and many football fans are CFL fans.

  5. All of the American networks would refuse to show Toronto games nationally, causing lots of confusion. The team would never play on PrimeTime, and the viewership in the US would be about half that of 2 US-faced teams playing.

  6. This is Canada, where Canadian Football is played! :thup:

The T.V nets don't have as much power as they do over the NFL. Every season each team gets 50 mil from the nets, do you really think they'll give a team that contributes nothing to them 50 mil?

They would have to get their own deal with global or something for 10 mil, then they would have to build their own stadium and hope they don't run out of funds while all they see is red ink for the next 30 years.

Maybe they can fill the sky dump, but a 75k stadium, no way.

you guy have 2 billion? JUST SAY NO TO THE NFL!!! :thdn: :thdn:

hey argo tom:

when tagliabue announced his reteirement he said himself that his one regret was the lack of football in LA. he also said that before he retired that he would put into motion the expansion of two new etams one to LA> and the other front runner was TORONTO. he rulled out going to las vegas becuase fo gamabaling and ruled out mexico city because and no offense against mexico but the population could not afford a ticket. this anouncement was coveraded not only by every US newspaper but also by the toronto star , toronto sun niagara falls reveiw , St. catherines standard, welland tribune and of course that rag the toronto sun(one of the few times there reporting was accurate)

the nfl can go to Toronto, if the nfl was able to expand to small markets like jacksonville and carolina in the 1990s then why not TO?

Also they can build a new stadium on the site of Lamport Stadium. They can easily fit it with 80,000 people, because the nfl is only played once per week and there only 8 regular season games per year.

As for the costs of the stadium mlse/rogers can combine with other private investors to build a privately financed stadium.

The NFL is a waste of time at the best of times, and the NFL in Canada is a joke at the best of times.

This discussion is a waste of time.

this discusion is about the possibilty of the NFL coming to canada truthfully it is not a waste of time to people in ontario if they come you are looking at TO possibly losing their CFL team wigh would worry some fans in to beleiving that the rest odf the CFL east will follow(although I don't think that would happen)