Bring the hay-days of ticat defence back!!!!

I was thinking the same. If this Chris Frey plays like I have seen him in YouTube videos and Tuggle has a great year full of energy we might have upgraded over Dean and Unamba. There is a chance for that based on the videos I have seen of them just a year ago. Tuggle filled in for Bear Woods all season and he has been full of energy…reminds me of another guy who is a linebacker full of energy all the time.

Unless the rules change, we will never see defences like we used to see…

Dean is irreplaceable. Accept it.

I am watching the 1986 Grey Cup vs The Esks. This is the hey day of the Cats D. I love those uniforms. Such a good memory. Big under dogs lay a beating Dunnigan and his crew.

That team was not going to be denied again. You could tell during the sideline interview with Covington that the Cats were all business that game. :slight_smile:

With Orlondo Steinauer becoming our head coach and having experience as a defensive coordinator and Mark Washington who has experience in BC who will be our defensive coordinator this year, we are going to bring that rough and tough defence of earlier years.

We added some key players in Da’Jared Davis who was a beast in Calgary and if Jamaal Westerman stays healthy and plays like he did in his past we will be set at DE. We also have Adrian Tracy and Justin Capiciotti. Washington and Steinauer will get them on there toes.

Laurent will be a beast again and should have 9+ sacks a season.

I love the energy that Lawrence brings to the table like always and Tuggle looked pretty good with Toronto and should be good in the middle. On the other side I could see beast football player Chris Frey getting a chance.

In the backfield I see Delvin Breaux on one corner and either Leonard, Rolle or Williams on the other side. I see Cariel Brooks and Rico Murray having an outstanding year at DB and Tunde Adeleke winning the safety spot over Mike Daly.

I think this team with the additions of Tuggle, Davis and Murray makes us stronger then last year.

The “beasts of the east”. :slight_smile:

Let’s hope “beast” is the new buzzword this year instead of “mediocre”. ;D

On paper the defence looks pretty good but we need to see how the new schemes work out and if all these “beasts” can stay healthy.

I am optimistic, but, I’d say on paper the team is weaker than last year, especially on defense.

We lost our best defensive player (Dean) and an all star (Unamba).

Our best defensive player was Breaux. But he was not the “most outstanding” because it’s hard to “stand out” when opponents simply avoid throwing in your direction.

When I said Dean was the best, I was referring to the awards.

I agree that Breaux is in a league of his own. I agree that other teams avoid him, which is why I think they should move him inside.

Now teams can sacrifice their worst receiver to eliminate Breaux from the game. Move him inside and he’s right in the action. It’s become a slot back league. How comfortable would receivers be knowing Delvin is coming up for the hit?

Other players have made the move. Why not? Does anyone doubt he could do it?

You won’t see hardnosed defence with Steinhauer. He’s a bend dont break style of coach with speed being a primary factor over brute force.

Oh I’m sure we’ll see some “mediocre”. Its the elite word we’re striving for!

The 2015 defence was pretty badass and didn’t do much bending or breaking. Except for that one guy named Ed who was covering Ellingson in the playoff game.

I doubt the defence will be a problem this year. Both Washington and Orlondo know the Canadian game inside and out. Unlike Glanville who never grasped the nuances right until the end.