Bring the hay-days of ticat defence back!!!!

I’m a bc fan how ever I’ve seen and heard about what the ti-cats defence used to be like, I hope with this free agency that Hamilton picks up so good players to help Lawrence kill eastern offences I think it’ll be a key in getting that grey cup win

I would try and get
-Adam bighill
-Taylor loffler
That would help that defence a lot!!

Ummm…Bighill is under contract to Wpg & Loffler has just signed with Montreal.

I would bring in Rico Murray and Micah Awe. I would also look into bringing one or two extra Dbs. I wouldnt mind adding some extra receiver depth also.

Hopefully Hamilton is still looking into signing Ja’Gared Davis also.

Don’t who is available, or at what price, but I think we definitely need some help at linebacker! Unless we have a couple in the development chain, I see it as a priority.

Didn’t Rico play a bit of SAM for us back in the day? Might be easy to sign him, since OTT doesn’t seem interested in retaining any of their players.

Agree, MLB is a position where you want your best tackler, smartest D-player and often the respected leader on defense.

Awe is the highest ranked MLB FA on the board. Young (25), with some NFL and CFL experience. Reading up on him he is a ferocious tackler. Sounds good to me!!

Lots of names still on the FA board.

Don’t forget the kicker and centre positions are both still empty…kinda important.

Hopefully Hamilton is still looking into signing Ja'Gared Davis also.
He is about to sign any minute now

David William Naylor?Verified account
6m6 minutes ago
Hearing the @Ticats are close to signing former @calstampeders DL Ja’Gared Davis. #CFL #Ticats

Our entire starting secondary is back, including the best DB in the league.

Via free agency, we added that ex-Stamp, Canadian DB/LB/KR to the mix, too: he could platoon with Daly at safety, or compete for SAM.

We are about to add ex-Stamp Davis to the D-Line, and Westerman will be back, healthy, with a full training camp. This should result in more push up front.

Simoni is back at LB.

I think we can rely on scouting/guys in the pipeline to replace Dean and Unamba. I’m sure that’s what the Ticat braintrust is thinking. Guys like Frey and Wacha are already signed, and we’ll bring in more young LB’s to complete, I’m sure. Remember, we have lots of high picks in the draft, too. Maybe our first pick will be a LB.

If those options don’t work out, there will be quality LB names among the final cuts of many teams that went on spending sprees during free agency.

So not sure we need to spend more cash now on guys like LB Awe.

I would prefer to avoid an experiment at MLB.

I don’t mind our secondary on paper but it got totally fried in the Eastern Finals last season. Take away our 2 All Canadian LBs and that is a tough sell how the D will be better.

All Westerman did for us last season was take unnecessary roughness penalties.
Soon to be 34 years old I am not hitching my wagon to him being improved.

Tons of time before camp to add bodies but now is the time to do it.
In the world of non guaranteed contracts sign-sign-sign and have camp battles.

Makes no sense to me to start Westerman anyway. Laurent, Adeleke & Daly should start for us on D, Filer (if he’s back, or his replacement), Revenberg, Ciraco & Mike Jones will be starters on O. That’s our 7 Cdns. Let’s get an impact player instead of Westerman’s bloated salary.

Also, people are forgetting how bad we were at MLB in the early 2000s until we got Moreno there. After him, Otis Floyd, then Reed, then Dean. For awhile, it was really bad for us at MLB. I don’t want to repeat that either.

Rey Williams was after Otis.

If we had Lawrence and Rico Murray on the outsides with Chris Frey playing also and Micah Awe and maybe picking up Chris Ackie who is a national we should be fine.

Add another DB in the backfield also because there are some good ones left and we should be fine.

I would like to see OT Jovan Olafoye added too…(dont know if that’s how you spell it)

Bring back Mike Filer and add Jovan and I will be more happy.

Would you want Tank Reed back?

Edmonton signed him when Sherritt retired, but then they have now acquired Dean.

So, unless they plan to shift to a 3/4 defence, there’s no way they’ll hang on to both MLBs.

I’d like to think they had a contingency plan in place in case we lost Dean. I guess I’d like to know what that plan is before I’d think about Reed.

Reed is good in the middle. Wouldn’t cost a lot to acquire and would be a fallback plan if nothing else came up.

Good idea.

Did we draft a Mexican MLB?

We had on e once. For some reason, nobody on the bench sent him any plays…

I think they will be playing a 3/4

Santos-knox, Dean, Konar, Unumba as the linebackers.

Nah. Now that we added Justin Tuggle I could see Lawrence, Tuggle in the middle and that beast Chris Frey. If Frey dont work on the outside then Adeleke because Rico Murray will play HB along with Cariel Brooks.

If what you wrote all actually works out then we might have even upgraded over Dean and Unamba.