Bring the fun back......who cares who coaches anyhow ?

Hi Everyone!..hope you're all doing well

Just catching up on the forums here and one thing I couldn't help but notice is the lack fun in here like we had a few years back....c'mon everyone, scrap the animosity and enjoy this forum!...personally I couldn't give a rat's butt who coaches this year because I just want to have fun as a fan again....if they win?.....great!...but there's never a guarantee anyhow so why worry?

I will say this though......

Years "one" and "two" of the new ownership were great years to be a Ticats fan with endless supplies of hope, wonder and childlike enthusiasm (and hilarious incidents like the failed parachute display and the fireworks blunder....loved them both!!) :lol: .....yeah, last year s.ucked huge..... but.... so what! doesn't mean we can't have that great fun all over again!

One thing I really miss was our awesome "meet and greets" we used to organize at local Boston Pizza outlets and in fact the Tsunami Relief benefit we had was legendary with tons of Ticats alumni, current players, staff and most of all, fans, packing the joint....what a blast!!

Just curious if you guys want to get stuff like that going again this year?...I do as I really enjoyed seeing all of us fans get together all the time for some great fun and awesome memories.....

mikey im with you on this one,your right the first 2 years of ownership was fun,and i would want another boston pizza meet and greet.

Fun is in the eyes of the beholder, nothing better than going to the games with my sweety and just enjoying a great night out watching CFL football, win or lose with the intention, of course, that we are going to try and win every game.

Mike, fan...tastic idea.
I remember with fondness that last Meet and Greet two years ago; meeting you , Ron, tipper, sigpig, woody, Bernie Custis and many others.
If it could happen again, I would try to make the trip. Anything to get the good spirit back into the gang.
Please make it happen, if possible. Well worth the effort.

Fun is great, but fans care who coaches the team.
Bad coaching = bad team = no fun

Yes Wilf, that was an incredible "meet and greet"....the amout of Grey Cup rings from the 30's and on that we saw that day is still mind-boggling and it was great to see those incredible alumni from the glory years sitting down for a few beers with the likes of more recent players such as Dave Marler, Jason Riley, Mitchell Price, Dave Sauve, Ray Thomas etc.....Wilf, I recall you getting a real thrill from meeeting Ellison Kelly, Bernie Custis, Ron Lancaster and Coach Marshall....hey, and if you remember, we even had our "token" Argo representative attend, Mike Hogan (just to show we're fair).... :wink:
Furthermore, the $1,000 we raised for the Red cross Tsunami relief is a credit to all those who attended....what a great day for everyone!....and Pat Schlegal from the Cats Claws who was a member of our organizing committee was usual! :smiley:

Sooooo, yeah, I think I might attempt to get the usual suspects together again to get another event planned....I'm thinking maybe the end of March to allow the dust to settle on the football ops side and the business side so as to ensure a better chance that new coaches, some office staff and perhaps some players might be able to attend (of course, that's always up to them because we're gonna party regardless......) :lol:

Naturally, all Ticats Alumni will hold a special place of honour at these events....and always have an open invite.....

And I can also share that it took the Ticats front office no time at all to contact me, unsolicited I might add, to throw their full support behind any effort to bring back our "meet and greets"....they were a great help in the past during years 1&2 and will clearly be an even greater help going you see, it seems that everyone wants to just erase the bad memory of last year and get the fun going's a brand new year and we have just as much chance of winning the Grey Cup in Toronto as anyone else....wouldn't that be cool or what!!

Thanks for the great vote of confidence Wilf and it's fans like you who would drive all the way from from your home up north to attend that makes it all worth it.....and of course we need Donna and Hugh from Sudbury too if we're really going to have fun!


Fun, wow.
To clarify did you actually state you dont care who coaches?

"Why worry".

There's plenty to worry about.Another losing season almost certainly means less fans and less season ticket holders which results in less money and more losing teams and quite soon it could be 1997/2003 all over again.
For this reason, I would wager, that most real fans care quite a bit about who the coach is.
Fans demand quality and results.

Surest way to "bring the fun back"? start winning

I'm going to agree with Mikey on this one. Fan events are a good way of getting everyone back into the swing of things.

Also, I think it would be great if Jason Farr stopped taking the fans out of the game. Nobody wants to cheer when there is crowd noise being pumped over the speakers. Want to keep the music? Fine. I just can't stand the other crap blaring 24/7.

Thanks Pseudo..yeah, we'll do this one right for sure....and I already have a few surprises up my sleeve as to who will attend.... (no, I'm not going to show off my football skills so don't get your hopes

Anyhow, Zontar is quite right, we need wins too!......which is why I'm glad we have some fans who would rather stay home and worry about who coaches the team while the rest of us who attend the fun stuff get more of a share of pizza and beer.... :wink:

..serious Zontar, of course we all want the team to win but at the end of March, there's not much else to do other than get together and have some fun in anticipation.....can I put you and some friends or loved ones down for a table?..... :lol:

So getting back on track, does anyone have any suggestions for a theme we could have as a babsis for this "meet and greet" ?.....a charity perhaps?

Mike, you want a theme ??

None better than "Support Our Troops"

Now, how you turn that into a charity exercise, I'll leave to you. Luck!

maybe we can do a theme for people who are less fortunate.

How about the players do a Bahamavention on Zontar.

just kidding . . . wins are why you play the game, but you can't win until June. Fun in March is the way to go.

How about a draft tailgate and party?

Of course, since the draft takes a half an hour, that could encourage binge drinking.

Are Argo fans welcome? I'd promise to be on my best behaviour of course. :wink:

An Argo fan

Nothing wrong with binge drinking in Canada on a cold March day "Rattlebones"... :wink:

Good ideas so far....

I like Wilf's idea about showing support for our men and women of the Armed Forces overseas....

Perhaps we can get some Tiger-Cat flags and have everyone who attends sign them and along with some other Ticats merchandise (hats etc), ship them off to Khandahar, Afghanistan to the troops.....there are a lot of Canadians in hot zones right now and I'm sure they would love to receive some tokens of support from us Tiger-Cat and CFL shouldn't be a big problem arranging this either through the Defense Department or even outfits like the Princess Patricia's Canadian Light Infantry (PPCLI) ....I know we have a few connections right here in this website membership who could help steer us in the right direction...

Anyone know if the Argylls or the RHLI from here in Hamilton have any troops deployed ? .....Tigger?

Absolutely you're welcome to join us !...Argo fans are fun and we had a great time with Mike Hogan last don't even have to behave either....just buy us rounds of beer and you're gold!

Funny story about that too...we had Boston Pizza all decked out in black and yellow helium balloons but we put one lone "blue" balloon in honour of Hogan who we knew was coming...we tied it off so it was floating above the, Mike arrives, goes to the bar and starts chatting with everyone....he never noticed he was standing right below the "Argo" balloon and when we pointed it out to him, he looked up and busted up laughing.....

So yeah, any Argo fans are always welcome.......we only dis-like you guys when the football is kicked off.... :lol:

Well, since Mr. Young hasn't stepped up and offered his beach house on the Carolina coast as the venue for out next "meet and greet", I'll have to announce that the location will most likely be "The End Zone Bar and Grill" at 1900 King St East (in the Rosedale neighbourhood)......dates and times are yet to be determined but as I said earlier, it will be towards the end of March.....

Can't name names (yet) but I was talking with a few Tiger-Cat legends today and they are very interested in attending......and that's just a preliminary start....

.....if anyone new who is serious about getting involved in organizing wishes to jump on board, let me know by "Private Message".......a preliminary meeting will be arranged at the Ticats office probably in a few weeks, with the appropriate Ticats staff, to formulate the "battle plan" :slight_smile:

Hope Everyone has a wonderful weekend..

Go Patriots! :cowboy:

and it can't be a better place to host the meet and greet,because i work at the endzone and i do the dishes.mikey you'll have to make sure im off that day :wink: .

Keep working kid! can make some huge tips off us Ticats fans that day!... :lol: (I want a 10% cut) lol

By the way, Wilf brought this Toronto Sun column to my attention which describes the Maple Leafs and the A.C.C. paying tribute to our fellow Canadians standing the post for us overseas....which of course flows into his idea of our theme for the meet&greet

Thanks Wilf!

click here

And for those of you who have not been to the endzone before,it is a great place it opened up in march .we sponsor the hamilton bulldogs and also are proud sponsors of the ticats,its also a great place to come watch all away games ,nice big screen tv’s

heres the endzone website,they have an online menu