Bring the CFL to Moncton!!!

BTW, hope the league keeps the CO even after adding the 10th team

Being from the Maritimes, I would have to say there's only enough money floating around to build one decent 30,000 seat stadium. Halifax is my first choice, but Monction could pack the house as well. As for citing the Stones concert as justification, well, the logic is just flawed. I'm waiting for the marketing studies and the cost-effectiveness analysis.

I agree , the STONES should have retired years ago, they really suck live.

The HIP , are still great though.

I agree with you. You have THE BANK of NOVA SCOTIA involved , but QUEBEC is a football you can't forget QUEBEC CITY.

and as for the cruiseship stadium.... ah forget about it.

A few feasts!

I was hoping someone with construction background would answer your question.

My guess 3-4 million

Heeee heeee, heeee. Add a Zero to those figures and you might be able to build a very barebones stadium! A more realistic figure would be in the $70 - $100 million range!

Halifax's best chance for a new stadium will come in December when the canadian nominee to bid for the 2014 Commonwealth Games is chosen. Hamilton is seen as the favourite with Halifax and York next. Calgary and Ottawa are the longshots (at least from what I have heard). Canada is the favourite to win the right to host the 2014 Commonwealth Games especially since South Africa surprisingly did not bid. Even if Halifax doesn't win, it will still be good for the CFL as it would likely mean a new stadium for either the Tiger-Cats or the Argos. The final winner will be chosen in the fall of 2007.

See.....Thats why I'm NOT in construction.

Would agree that this would be the best bet for a stadium to be built.

I don't see way Hamilton needs a new Stadium, IW is prefect, and I don't see how the Argos will get a new stadium out of it, since Roger Center is also very good.

Here is to Melbourne in 2006! 8) , that is my home town BTW.

argos signed a 15 year deal to stay at roger argos wont get one outta it

Alright, well let's all start putting ourselves behind Halifax's bid to host the Commonwealth Games in 2014 ... (Commonwealth Stadium II???)

btw, Ottawa's natural rival is already Montreal ...

Anyway, I have a partial preference for Halifax over QC, but ultimately I just want to see a 10th team. When there was an exhib game in QC a year or two back, only 9,000 people came (19,000 seat stadium). At the game in Halifax, it was sold out within a couple of days, at bloody high ticket prices! ($40 and $60). 11,000 people or so, and they had to expand the originally planned extra seating due to the high demand.

If Halifax is really 400,000 people - that's more than enough (isn't Regina smaller than that? I could be wrong)

Trust me, if I had the money, I'd plop a team down in Halifax ASAP :S

Regina is about 200,000 (give or take a couple).

...and Saskatchewan's total popular is abou 1 million people, and that is not counting the fans that maybe coming up from the States to see the Riders.

BC has an advandtage if they face the new team in a LDC, they will win the frist few games, no doubt.

I still gotta go with QC becase they cane develop a good rivaily with Montreal and you can’t really count the exhibution game in 2002 becase the CFL wasn’t popular then. IF they are granted a team, they can play their home games at a college stadium (like Montreal does with Molson Stadium) until a new one is build.

Halifax would be a great city to host the comonweath games and with the CFL so keen on getting a team there, they will likely pull a few stings and try and land the games in Halifax for a new stadium. However, I’d like to see Hamilton get it more than Halifax.

I thought I had heard that the some goverment committee had sided with Hamilton................hate to spend all that money out of Central Canada

Lets do a lottery a 50-50 to build a Halifax stadium. I'll go out and rent a post office box, everyone here send me $10.00 for a ticket.

We'll raise money for the Halifax Stadium. Hmmm needs a name... Something to reflect the posters contributions.....

(1) Huddleite Stadium?
(2) Forum Fun Park?
(3) Posters Park?

Time for bed...I have weird dreams when I'm tired!