Bring the CFL to Moncton!!!

For anyone who thinks that Moncton wouldn't be able to support a CFL team answer the following: Where are the Rolling Stones having their largest turn out on the North American tour? That's right, Moncton is ahead of Toronto, Ottawa, Calgary, Chicago, Boston, Detroit, Philadelphia, Atlanta, Houston, etc...... Moncton alone wouldn't support the team but also the surrounding area - Halifax, Fredericton, Saint John, PEI.... If we can jam 85,000 people in for a one day concert why can't the area average 20-25,000 per game for CFL? Moncton is also considered the best city in Canada for business ( ... 041202.pdf). Moncton is a great center for a regional CFL team.

How many people live within a half hour drive of Moncton?

I can see someone driving 3+ hours for a Rolling Stones concert ... but for 10 games a year? I doubt it (well, I would, but I'm not like most)

Halifax has a greater concentration of people ... so put 'em there.

(btw, prepare for a barrage of "this topic has been done 1,000,000 times already" comments)

Why can't both cities have teams? I've never been to the Maritimes, but it seems like there would be a natural rivalry. I can just see the promos, "The Battle of the Atlantics!"

Personally I would not cross the street to see the stones but that is just me.

eventually you might get a team :?

HALIFAX's politicians should get behind the drive for a CFL team. ...if Moncton steals the 10th franchise, it would be a real shame, cuz it rightfully belongs to Halifax.....not the maritimes, but Halifax!!!!

Let's test Moncton out frist, with an exhibition game between Ottawa and Montreal, and have the Action Point instead of kick coverts to make it interesting! 8)

maybe even 4 point FGs.

moncton has a population of 60 000, with 1 000 000 within 3 hour driving radius.

halifax has a population of 400 000, with 700 000 within 3 hour driving radius.

that said, Halifax has more people within a 1 or 2 hour radius....they can support the team soley within nova scotia's OWN populaion

moncton, on the other hand, are hoping people come from other provinces...including nova scotia.....but WHAT IF the populations from the other maritime provinces DON'T COME?!?!?!....then the team is screwed.

thats why i say the 10th team is Halifax's.....and moncton is trying to STEAL it.

I really dont care who gets it.....just get it done already...
its time to end this Cushy East division scenario (4) teams and forever dump the cross over possiblity. CFL needs 10 Teams Representing Canada Coast to Coast

moncton isnt on the coast...

No kidding, get it down somewhere already…

I want a 10th team as well but it should be Quebec City.
Ontario and Alberta have good interprovincial rivalries. Quebec should have one as well

then who would ottawa rival???

HALIFAX vs BC...east coast vs west coast
ottawa vs montreal
calgary vs edmonton
hamilton vs toronto

quebec should come as 11th team when theres a market ready for 12th team at the same time.
moncton isnt on the coast, so it STILL wouldnt be coast-to-coast league!

halifax makes it coast-to-coast, and provides bc with a rival, without distrupting the current rivalries...and provides the 10th team and balences schedules and standings.....halifax fixes all problems!!!

QC makes more sense to me then Halifax, but baby steps I guess…

2 things.

1st you have to find an owner with deep pockets
2nd You have to outlay lots of cash to build a Stadium

My heart says "Bring it on quickly."
My head says "It'll be a while."

Stadium cant be that expensive... btw how many Cod & lobster is that? :slight_smile:

drumming_god wrote:

...if Moncton steals the 10th franchise, it would be a real shame, cuz it rightfully belongs to Halifax.....not the maritimes, but Halifax!!!!
Give me a break that it rightfully belongs to Halifax. If the politicians up there don't care, then too bad for the city of Halifax, they don't deserve a team then and let another city step up to the plate.

Go get em Moncton, I’m starting to get fed up with what I see as total apathy on the part of the politicians and the people with money in Halifax who don’t seem to care much for a team.

Please correct me if I’m wrong on this anyone from Halifax, but my guess is I’m not wrong at all.

YOU FORGOT SUCKKATCHEWAN VS WINNIPEG!!! and wher can there be a 12th team? Victoria?

I see this:

BC vs Ottawa
Calgary vs Edmonton
Saskatchewan vs Winnipeg
Hamilton vs Toronto
Montreal vs QC

Here, here.