Bring Suds and Montford back

Montford is desparately needed. Look at Cheatwoods sack stats with Montford in the line up compared to him not there. Montford made Cheatwood to this point. Cotton is hurt and no pressure on the qb's. With a weak secondary that only calls for a 0-3 start. Sudsy may be done but Reed has to sharpen his his defence he doesn't have the best tools to work with (but either did Sudsy at times....)

I would sign Montford (with the understandig he shares playing time with Cotton and Cheatwood) and us him for leadership, community work and of course his great on fied abilities. Give Reed a few more games with Montford in the line-up and see what happens. Lets face it....will not win anyways if our offensive schemes and special teams do not improve anyways.

Montgford doesn't kick field goals, call the offensive plays, line up as a DB, sell cold beer, or fill in as a replacement cheerleader.

Bringing back Sutherin --- I thought he was at TC as guest --- again won't be much of a solution. I'm not sure what he could do at this stage. You'd still have offensive issues to solve.

I have to say that I'm leaning on bringing back Joe too. We just didn't seem to have enough pressure on Burris (or any other QB to date this season). Joe's play last season in Edmonton was still effective and while Cheatwood is good, he's better and more effective with Joe on the other end.

If I recall from last nights game, the defense really only got to Burris once causing a fumble. the other times where Burris was "hurried" was more down to his own impatience. The top QB's (Dickenson, Calvillo etc) will not suffer from impatience like Burris does which only means a worse outcome for the Cats.

Have to agree with Captain Kirk.

I am dropping this read in all the Montford threads. Enjoy :smiley: