Bring Ryan Dinwiddie to Hamilton for a tour of Copps?

:D :D :D

Props to BG for reading my mind!

Oski Wee Wee,

LOL. Let the fun begin.

Will since we have 1st Dibs on Cuts ..
Hmmm No I am Fine with who we have now at QB
Let's Not

We don't need Dinwiddie. Porter, Glenn, Tafralis and Boltus are gunna tear it up in 09.

Folks, just in case you don’t get the sarcasm inherent in the “for a tour of Copps” part of my thread title, I don’t advocate Dinwiddie being signed here. :wink: I am comfortable with the group we’ve got at pivot at the moment.

Oski Wee Wee,

Maybe the Cats could use him as a water or towel boy :slight_smile:

No Dillon dose too good a Job

His arm’s about as strong as grandpa Calvillo’s, I’m sure the Als will be all over him, they seem to really like Bomber cuts this year.

Is that before or after they renovate Copps?


I aggree with you 100% percent we are fine at Quarter back right now!

Totally agreed.

We had him already.....

Ol' Grandpa's arm was strong enough to throw for 43 touchdowns and 5633 yds. It was strong enough to win an MOP award and to carry his team to 8 more wins that the Cat's group of studs did.

Porter & Trafalis have shown question....but it isn't time yet to be smug. Porter has won one game in his career, Trafalis 0. Porter had a career game against the Als but the next week he looked like Jason Maas on a bad day. Young QBs will do that to you.