Bring Roy Shivers To Hamilton

How bout it? To be honest could he do worse then Katz? I dont know if its true but I heard that Danny Barrett might be fired too, so how about Danny Barrett comming to Hamilton too. If Barrett goes think Kent Austin will become the head coach in Saskatchewan? I think that Hamilton should Bring In Roy Shivers bring in someone who knows the game. To be honest I would love to see both Katz and Lancaster gone and bring in Shivers & Barrett if not now then at the end of the season.

ew no, why

There's no doubt in my mind that Danny and Roy could turn the ticats into a competetive team again, but judging from their 6/7 seasons in Saskatchewan, that's pretty much all you are going to get. -.500

There's no doubt in my mind that talent is not this team's problem. Everyone who thinks it is should think about all the great players the katz/smith/mcarthy team dug up last year (including Kahlil "The Thrill" Hill)

Tell him to bring Kerry Joseph with him. The Ticats should have taken Joseph in the Ottawa dispersal draft.

Three 1,000 rushers in the backfield!!!

What are you thinking?
Here's a chance for the Cats to start over with some of the best coaching talent that may be available and you want to go with two guys from a team with a record only slightly better than ours? Their Board of Directors also wanted Barrett gone before they fired Shivers! Aim higher.

8) You want Shivers and Barrett in Hamilton !!!!!!! My God, give your head a shake man !! Why do you think that Shivers, and Barrett (at seasons end) were fired !! As far as Kerry Joesph goes, in hindsight we should have kept him as our first pick !!! We have misused Cory Holmes completely, and he will be gone as soon as free agency beckons !!! Joesph could have battled it out with Maas as to who would be #1 here, and at least we would have an experienced back up reliable QB now !!!!!

Danny is a good coach, he is a much better coach than College boy.

My Father is a Danny Barret fan,he watched the Riders on TV and said that Barret is a good coach....

OK ,why did he kick short away from Corey Holmes on Sat night?

I think that was Shivers influence ,he didn't want to hurt C.Holmes or nick him up so he could trade for him as was his intention all allong.

Shivers is underhanded and a sneak behind the scenes ...more of a sleezy agent than a GM!IMO :cowboy:


And not one of them being let to run the ball.

I think Barrett would make a great Offensive Coordinator - let’s dial him up if he gets canned :thup:

See that, see that, thats probally the smartest thing Ive ever read on any thread ever made. Good idea, better then bringing him in as a head coach.I think he would fit perfectly at the OC postion.

Hey Bo Diddly...Hey Bo Diddly

Any new head coach is going to bring in his guy as OC. That being said, Danny Barrett as an offensive coordinator would be an interesting possibilty for any coach needing to interview some people to fill that opening.

Oski Wee Wee,

Re Shivers coming here: if we are going to sign a GM yesterday (i.e. on fan-standard time), then hire Mike McCarthy in a New York minute. Knows the franchise, knows the roster, has the connections, and isn't a circus act every two weeks.

If we want to do this right, however, evaluate available talent in the very early offseason, interview the five best candidates, and make a joint selection of GM and head coach by December 31.

My two cents. You're welcome! :wink:

Please take Roy and Danny!!! If you like being a mediocer team like we were for the past 7 years. Oh wait you were like us! Take him and enjoy. All Rider fans would be more than happy!

lets leave whoopi to rot in nevada shall we?


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