Bring On the Argos!

Fortunately for MTL, their opponent was very sportsmanlike and opted not to blitz or even apply pressure while their O-line was depleted.


I know the Newman td from last week howse was playing OL…

Howser played on the goal line offense as TE . He drove his man deep into the endzone . :+1: :+1:


Everything old is new again. Speedy is back to his pre-June Jones roster assignment of primary return guy and backup receiver. Hopefully the results are much different now than they were then. At least for the next five weeks!

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Howsare was funny enough a fullback in his 3 seasons kicking around the NFL Jets and Seattle rosters. Need to be a good blocker to be a FB.

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Cya to any fans making the trip to BMO tonight at the game

See you there! Go Cats!

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Cya as in cover your arse?

Hope we don't have to worry about butt games this evening.

I'm sure we'll fill 70% (or more) of the stadium tonight. The ECF is still fresh in my mind. I hope we play like the Evans part of the game, and not like the Masoli part of the game.

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If we lose Masoli will still get the blame.


for those heading down, bring lots of water and clothing to keep cool.

going to be a hot one.

at least the wind is south and off the water...

stay cool and cheer loud !!!


But , but , but remember....not too loud !!! :scream_cat: :shushing_face: :partying_face:

Remember all day GO for $10

Sucks that it’s his ankle or akillies (sp) prob gone for rest of season…. Speedy recovery for Addison

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