Bring on the Aarrrrrrgggggoooooossss

I'm jacked for next weeks game in TO. Chances are I'm goin to the game and can hardly wait to see Milt's second last game.

The Argos are definitely playin better, but I think we can pull it off. Every game against them has been relatively close, with either team actually having the possibility of gettin a W.

I like our chances next week...

We left ALOT of yards on the field last time. IMHO all we gotta do is hang on to the ball. 20 points will be enough to beat the Argos...that and the Argos are WAYYYYY overdue for a letdown....

Im gunna predict...that we win, with Bolden Interception a Bishop pass intended for Andre Talbot...and taking it back for a TD.


We are healthy. We are confident. We can kick field goals..

Watch out Toronto.

I agree 20 points will do it but its a tough job getting 20 against that defence

....if the argos don't have Prefontaine (went out with a concussion last game they played)..then they could be in a lot of trouble...Could be a 'possum' trick like the Als. tried with Duval (wasn't supposed to play for them again..what a laugh)...if the Bombers can stay solid on the special teams...and hold theirs to a minimum, this next game is very winnable...goBigBlue.. :rockin:

Good luck against the Argos. I can’t wait for a B.C./Winnipeg Grey Cup

Thanks Dan, and the same goes to you against the Riders. A lot of us are wondering which Bomber club will show up this Sunday, but as long as it is enough we'll be happy!

Well, for the Eastern final I'm a Blue Bomber supporter now~! Win big guys :slight_smile:

I live in Toronto, but I was born and raised in Hamilton, so by birthright I have to cheer against the Argos.

...MadJack.... good game on Sunday...i don't remember if it was you or Sportsmen that said...'you better hope it doesn't come down to Westwood kicking for the win' ...kind of prophetic..Don't know if i would have ran the ball against the Bombers to get that first down at the end of the game,,,Popp knows we are VERY tough up the middle...and the predictable happened...question??? what happens now in Montreal...i can't see Popp coaching again ...will he be wearing one hat next year...or heading down the road....what's the talk???on a positive for you guys ..Brady looked and efficient...a good guy to take the reins from AC..anyway good game once again....and thanks for the support...we have a tough 'd' to solve this Sunday...maybe...just maybe...we'll put it all together at the right time... :thup: :rockin:

Well papa first off congrats on the win, it was a great game, both teams laid it all on the line and left it all on the field. I am not hanging my head down over the loss. The (slightly) better team on the day won. The difference in the game was your D-line against our O-line.

On the controversial call, while I have been very critical of Popp as a head coach, I don't second guess him on that one. With that wind, and given that Duval had shanked his last punt into it, and given that Stokes was doing pretty well on returns, I'd have gone for the first down as well. I'd have called my O-lineman around me and said we're going for it, it is time for you guys to step up and redeem yourselves.

They didn't, but I still agree with the call itself.

The quote to which you refer is not mine, so it must have been sportsman.

My preference is for Popp to go back to being a fulltime GM and quit playing at being a head coach, but if that came to pass what quality head coach would agree to work under him, now knowing that he's itching to coach himself? It might come down to either Popp being both GM and HC or neither. Time will tell. All I know is that so far Wettenhaul and Larry Smith have not called me offering a job.

And I do agree, Marcus Brady answered all the questions about him. A career backup, he has now shown that he has all the tools to be a quality starter in this league. Frankly, if we had Calvillo in that game on Sunday, I think your margin of victory would have been higher, as he'd have taken more than a few sacks that Brady was able to avoid.

Sorry to say, but it's gonna be a Toronto/Saskatchewan final :cowboy:

So whadya smokin' dare pardner?

....must have a crystal ball there Ryoon...don't count the Bombers out have to remember how tough it is to beat a team three times in a row and i believe that's what the Argos have to do.....we almost didn't get by the Als. in that last effort after winning a couple of previous encounters......and i'll tell you one thing ..T.O. BETTER BRING IT.... cuz we;re ready and healthy.... :wink: :rockin:


You were born in Hamilton. You can support Winnipeg. Winnipeg is in the west and Hamilton is west of Toronto. Support the west. I was born in Toronto and live in Winnipeg. Winnipeg is west of Toronto so I support the west. You can also. You can even support #7. He even has West in his name and we even have a guy name Canada. How can you beat that.

All very valid points! I'll be a strong Bomber backer on Sunday, count on it!

Bombers kick some Argo butt!!!!! This Rider fan will be rooting for you!!!!

I think the Rider fans should be worrying about the Lions...

Here's to Milt's second last game and a .01 % chance he will be back next year. He always says he is 99.9 % sure this is his last year. Milt, I hope you are wrong and we see 85 next year.

Only four1/2 hours left... About time for Pinball to start his prayer meeting...

ROFL, and I hope it lasts 7 1/2 hours without the answer he was waiting for!! Maybe Eiben should have thrown in ten Hail-Marys.