Bring on the 10th Team

I hope the CFL is making some progress so teams don't have to continue with the crazy schedules. Would be nice to see everyone start the season with Sunday games until Labor Day and then move to the Friday & Saturday games. And why not have Monday Night CFL football while the NFL is not playing?

I have no need or want for a CFL game on a Monday night. Friday Night football is CFL's Tradition. I dont have time to watch monday nite games I have football practice everyday after school plus homework. There gonna stick with friday nights. As well as a lot of thursdays, Saturdays and sundays, that way no competition with the NFL for tv ratings because in most places in North America (except maybe Saskatchewan :wink:) The NFL would get better ratings then the CFL. I knwo the CFL TV ratings are goign up but u put the Argos on the same day/night of a Bills game and I can almost guarantee you that in Southern and Northern Ontario. The Bills game will have better Ratings.

Actually I would like to see one game Thurs. Fri. Sat and Sun.

I don't know if many Canadian markets would show better ratings for the NFL games than the CFL games if they went head-to-head ... especially in the city of the visiting CFL team.

Be pansoint, the 10th team will be hear by 2008.

...and I love the fact that the CFL shows games on muilt days, unlike the NFL. Friday Night Football kicks ass !!!!

you sound like an NFL fan to me! :evil: cant be serious!

Its been proven, time and time again that the CFL beats NFL ratings in Canada, when both a BILLS game and ARGOS game are playing at the same time.

BILLS average rating is about 100,000-200,000
Argos average......obviously, it hasnt dipped below 300,000 this season.

How come there is this great myth that NFL always beats out CFL in CANADA???

some one mentioned a 10th team explain

it’s coming in 2008.

Are You Sure About That? Or Is This Another Crazy Kanga Prediction Like The Peg Sweeping Saskatchewan (I Made The One Up But You Get The Point) The Last Interview I Herd With Tom Write About Expansion He Hadn't Even Given An Answer On Which City They Looking At, Like We Can't Figgure That One Out For Ourselfs.

Argos1 you are correct, this is very much a myth about the NFL. In years gone by and especially this year when our TV numbers are going threw the roof, CFL blows away the NFL. I also agree, there is no need for Monday night, our tradition is and its great to have Friday night and even more so when there are doubleheaders.

i don't like double headers on friday nites....cuz the second game is always so late for those on the east side of the thats GOTTA HURT t.v. ratings for that BC vs Edmonton game awhile had AMAZING ratings, but i wonder how many CFL fans, in the east, went to bed and missed it??...coulda had even HIGHER ratings.
id rather see:

1 game friday nite at 7 eastern.
1 game saturday mid-day 3pm-6pm start time
2 games sunday 4pm and 7 pm

im sure this would HELP attendance aswell, cuz imsure alot of people who WOULD go to a CFL game, can't make it to thursday games, cuz they have work or school the next morning.

Agree it can make for a long friday night. But, the Saturday night game in the summer on CBC? is also good. The third or fourth game can then be on Sunday early afternoon or prime time. To me, thats the beauty of the CFL we can spread our four and hopefully and this needs to be sooner then later a fifth game, over the weekend. So everyone can watch and not miss any games like a certain No Fun League schedule which is primarily on the Sunday.

saturday nite on CBC, in the summer is good ( when there are )...i agree with u....but once the hockey season starts they bump the games to mid-day games on saturday, so it doesnt interfere with NHL games....and i'd rather be at a game in the day come october/november, then at nite..freezing

Of course a tenth team would be a good move, but I think an even better move would be to prepare another city to receive a team and then move Ottawa there.
I know that all the 'gades fan,s and pretty well eveyone else around the forum, hate what I've just said. But can anyone reasonably expect Ottawa to survive with the kind of attendance they've had? Just a few days ago an Ottawa team that had been contending for 1st place hosted the 1st place team in the west and drew flies.
Don't get me wrong, I'd love for Ottawa to succeed. Chances of that happening are pretty slim though. A team with as many people in the metro area as Saskatchewan has in the whole province should be able to attract enough ticket buyers to pay the bills. I'm not seeing it.
Any 'gades fans who want to take a swipe at me for this, go ahead. But please try to come up with some ideas about making the franchise work.

patient not pansoint

some times I am not sure you even speak english. How do you write essays and such? I feel sorry for your profs

Hopefully we will have a new team by 2008, but who knows really.