Not sure besides defence and Arland Bruce that we have going for us, but lets keep striking while the iron is hot!!!!!!

Didnt TSN say ticats are 5-0 at home? Should be one hell of a game.

If we can't fill the stadium next week, we aren't trying hard enough.

Bring em out an we can win

Osskee wee wee - ( and what a game)

This next game has the makings of a great battle. Can someone answer this question....what changes have we made on the defense between now (when they're playing soooooo awesome), and that first game against the Als back on the July 23rd?

We are actually 5-1 at home. Undefeated at IWS since that Canada Day game when we obviously had a few kinks to work out.

And McIntyre might be back by then. And when will Adams and Rodriguez be back?

Man, if we can get McIntyre and Adams back in the rotation, this d-line is going to get real good, real fast!

You gotta love a tough hard hitting no nonsense defense!!!

Uhhhmm.. defense win Championships... doesn't it???

Game of the year IMO.

Good to see the Cats back, next week game could spark the rivalry between my Als and the Cats we had before your dark years. Can't wait til next friday that should be a great game. :rockin:

For the D maybe.. the O.... that's an entirely different can of worms!!!

I think he's referencing next week's game, HTD. :wink:

All I do know is we have to be ready at THE OPENING BELL! :wink:

Oski Wee Wee,