Bring on Laval. Some CIS results

Just got back from watching The U of S Huskies beat the U of A Golden Bears to win the Hardy Cup(or bowl, I forget), which is the Can West Final, for those that don't know. for the 3 time in 4 years. It was a pretty close game till the ehere was 2 minutes left, tben Alberta conceded a Safety, and the Huiskies then Ra it down their throats and scored a TD. Final 30-17

Laval Beat Montreal, not sure of the score, and I think Laurier, and Acadia are the other two winners.

But The real Vanier Cup will be held this coming Saturday in the Guise of the Mitchell Bowl, as the #1 Laval. travel to cold Saskatchewan to face the #2 Huskies at Griffiths Stadium. Its the rematch of Last years Vanier. Only this year our QB will not be playing with a torn oblique, and we won't be using our 4th string Rb. David Stevens Hec Crighton Nominee, will take it to the Rouge et Or, in what should be a fantastic game. I for one can't wait, And am glad that I will be able to watch it live here in Saskatoon.

I think the Laval score was 19-13, iirc.....

Too bad that match-up can wait for the Vanier weekend Billy...

Oh I agree, It would be better for the Country. I think it will be better for the Huskies playing Laval here rather in Hamilton.

They said in the thing on the main site that Can West has never lost at home in the Mitchell Bowl