Bring Mike Vick to the CFL

I shock there no thread so I made one.
Frankly I don't want him here in Hamilton

Don't think you will have to worry about that I think some NFL team will take a chance on him quite frankly I dont think hed want to be in the cfl either so the feelings probably mutual we couldnt afford to pay him half of what his asking rate would be. I for 1 would love to see him here even though its a pipe dream the guy can play and certainly is an exceptional athlere

Ironic that a poster named dawg wants to see him in the cfl lol..

I never want to see him play again, he should be banned for life, players get banned for life for something silly like their personal drug use and yet Vick will get to continue playing after murdering and torturing dogs. In a perfect world he'd get a life time ban from the nfl and cfl and the media would just never mention his name ever again, but none of those things will ever happen.

I think he should play in the CFL, the guy is extremely talented. He served his time, paid his dept, it is time to wipe the slate clean. What he can do on the field should not be mistaken for the horrible things he might have done off the field.

Sure, the CFL welcomes any moral reject if the NFL turns them down, as long as they think it'll help sell tickets. Vick is a disgusting human being and I would never attend any game in which he played. In fact, if the Ticats ever signed him, I'd never watch a game. This guy's going to come out looking like some kind of reformed hero and all will be forgotten. The idea of bringing this spectacle in just for the sensationalism of it makes me sick. If Ted Bundy was an incredibly talented player and had been released from prison would anyone have welcomed him?

As far as I'm concerned once he's done his sentence he should be allowed to do whatever the hell he feels like. You do the crime, you do the time, however after the punishment has be meted out it's wrong to try to keep punishing him. He'll never get any endorsement money. I think that's punishment enough.

However I cant see any team in the CFL wanting the bad rep for even talking to him. This is one of the things I love about the CFL which makes it more appealing to me then the NFL. No multi-million dollar morons shooting themselves out side of strip clubs or getting caught with dog fighting ranches. Just good all blue collar guys that are here because they actually love playing the game.

I agree this guy has paid for his crime over and over!!!
What did he do wrong??
This guy is no criminal. People forget that he was involved with "Pitbulls" these animals were bred to fight each other, they are not pets, even though some people think that they are. They will always have that killer instinct in them.

What did he do wrong? He broke the law.

The guy is no criminal? Sorry, yes he is. He was charged, tried, and found guilty. That means yes, he IS a criminal.

Hey he didn't break any laws in Canada, no criminal in this country - bring him here. The guy will play like a "Pit bull"!!!

Here is footage from an ESPN E:60 documentary about the surviving Vick dogs being reintegrated as...umm...pets...

Try again?

Oski Wee Wee,

Dogs at his ranch that were deemed to be not good fighters were hung and drowned. Whether he was actually present for this I don't know. But it was standard policy. If you think this is ok simply because these dogs were "bred to fight each other" then you are missing the point. Obviously, not all of them want to fight, or choose to fight. Any dog can be taught a certain way of behavior. Most dogs were bred for hunting but the majority of domestic dogs don't attact another animal unless that behavior has been nurtured in them. So no, it isn't ok to torture and kill dogs simply because they were initially bred as fighting dogs.

My neighbor had a very friendly pitbull, very fond of people and never showed aggression toward anyone because he was never taught to be aggressive. But yes, if he did nurture the aggressive nature in the dog then it would have become this killer monster the talking heads of the media tell you they are.

As far as paying for his crime, that is a legal concept. The sweetheart celebrity deal he got is typical of our society which idolizes so called stars. So yes, he paid his legal penalty. But I wouldn't want my children watching a guy like this as he's pumped up to he a "hero" when he holds a Super Bowl trophy or Grey Cup.

He admitted to participating in the killing of 6-8 dogs in or about April 2007 that did not "test" well in fighting by means of hanging or electrocuting them, according to Section 32 of the Statement of Facts of his plea agreement.

[url=] ... _Facts.pdf[/url]

Says it all for me.

Oski Wee Wee,

I wouldn't want him up here. Horrible idea.

He is another NFL fame victim. These types just can't be a pro athlete. Some of them actually think they are untouchable. I think that Vick easily fits that.

I doubt he would want to come to Canada anyway.

He is no role model but EVERYONE SHOULD GET A SECOND CHANCE. I will not judge him. He served his time.

Yes he deserves a second chance in life, and i hope he regrets everyday what he has done, but he blew his pro career imo and should not be allowed to resume his career.. and besides he was a lousy qb anyways..

A true "second chance" would be in the NFL since thats where his first chance was.

He did the time, he should be allowed to resume his career, that is if any team wants him.

8) The plain fact is that since he was found guilty of criminal charges, and served time in jail, he may not be even allowed to cross the border into this country !!!
   It would be up to Canada Immigration and Customs to make that call  !!!

  If this situation was reversed and he was a Canadian citizen with his record, the Americans could simply say they don't want him in their country at all.  I've seen it happen to people with a far less serious record than Vick has  !!!!

I agree that he is not a great quarterback, but he does have a good set of wheels.

You took the words right out of my mouth. Why do we want their trash up here??

This guy is a pathetic, disgusting piece of garbage and I don't care if he's "done his time" you can't change that type of ignorance and disregard for life in a few SHORT months at the country club.

Jaybird, you lost any credibility you had when you said he wasn't a criminal and it looks as though you feel that way because it was "just" pitbulls. Have you ever owned a pitbull?? I have. I had a pitbull for 15 years which someone was kind enough to poison while she was out in my backyard. She was the sweetest, most loving dog I've ever had (and believe me I've had lots). My nieces and nephews rode on her back and tugged on her ears and she never ever ever made an agressive move toward any of them or anyone else. I've had beagles and a chihuahua and all of them were much more agressive than my "killer" pitbull. Sick trash like Vick and many others TRAIN those dogs to fight on punishment of death. THAT is why they are agressive, not due to any kind of mishap in breeding. Here's a "funny" story about agressive dogs. Down the street from us there is a little mutt of a dog around the size of a Jack Russell. That adorable little dog, came after my daughters on their way home from school and actually bit my brother. I think we should ban that breed because it's clearly an agressive dog. If you choose to believe the garbage that the government is spewing about pitbulls being an agressive breed by nature and not to blame their irresponsible owners for either not training them at all or training them to be agressive, that's your choice, but I'd appreciate if you didn't paint them all with one brush if you don't know what you're talking about.

I agree with not a bengal, I would not pay to go to or even watch any game in which Vick took part.