Bring Krista Giamos Back.....?

or to put it another way, you would never see such non professional job put on, or or or ESPN or.....

I get it VERY well. And I don't care what other leagues do. The CFL gave the students a chance to practise their skills, while providing free content in the off season. There is NOTHING wrong with that. If anything it should be applauded for contributing to the community. So what if it's rough around the edges. If you want professional go watch TSN. That's what it's for. The CFL isn't in broadcasting - it's in football and part of that is developing grass-roots support for the league by allowing grass-roots access to this site.

in other words, you are quite fine with the CFL league (not game) being bush.

It's obvious that the whole project was meant to draw in more young men to watching these reports. Their intention was to convince these young men that the CFL is worth watching, because these guys are their target demographic.

Well, the Cats could have used Lesley Stewart, who actually IS a professional broadcaster (CHCH Morning Live reporter/weatherperson & co-host of CHCH @ Home), and is the Ticats' cheerleader coach. Though on the high side of 30, and an expectant mother, she is still head and shoulders above most CFL cheerleaders.

You don't speak for me. If you have a problem with student productions - that's your problem. I personally do not, and I don't use the word "bush" to describe the efforts of young people making an effort to improve themselves - that would be a very bush attitude to have.

Maybe you should contribute some professional productions to the site and show everyone how it's done.

Note to CFL pay huge bucks to someone like Thea Andrews or Mary Hart to satisfy people on this forum.

Note to CFL, stop making bush league decisions.

Its time for the CFL to start operating and looking like a real PROFESSIONAL league, instead of a two bit bush second rate amatuer league.

I watch for the football if your dissaisfied with it maybe go watch the big hype big money league big profe3ssional league FYB. I happen to like the small brand in Canada and the acessability of it including having a cheerleader do some interviews.

I dont have a problem with student productions. I just have a problem with using student productions as their official productions. I dont use bush to describe the efforts of young people, I use bush to describe the decision making of CFL staff.

CFLCFL.CA should have had professional productions done. Then, if they ALSO wanted to add the student productions as well, then fine, no problem.

You wont see me doing any productions, at least not for anything professional, because I am NOT a professional interviewer, or anything else to do with media.

Again, my problem is with the CFL, not the said students.

Understood, but some posters have been criticizing a bunch of students for being unprofessional, and that's ludicrous. Fair enough if you prefer polished, professional content — I'm sure there are few who don't — but it's unfair to blame Krista Giamos et al for being what they are and hold them to a standard they simply have not yet achieved because they are by definition as students, unprofessional.

When FYB takes a disliking to someone he locks onto them like a pitbull on a T-bone.

The training camp reports were obviously supposed to have a fun light-hearted atmosphere. Do you really thing that it was a surprise to what she was wearing? From other posts it seems that is your problem with her. The infamous Argos video where she did the unthinkable and wore a strapless top? She's not a news anchor. It wasn't supposed to be The National with Peter Mansbridge. It was supposed to be an upbeat fun presentation and it was. Lighten up, my friend.

OK really .....Krista is very professional. I really think you are just jealous.People need to stop looking at her for body and need to start to look at her as a professional.

OK really...this topic was dead two weeks ago...but hey, thanks for bringing back the same old controversy...kinda hard to give you much cred since you have all of three posts, all in this thread...what, did she get her friends to sign up and back her or something?

Let this thread die, like it should have two weeks ago.

Bring back Krista!!!

Her face and body alone are worth the price of admission! I don't care how good a reporter she is...and shes decent too.