Bring Krista Giamos Back.....?

Just a survey to see what people think.

And my vote...Yes.

...why would I want to see her back? there a wicked tattoo on it or something?...

....sorta amended your poll...

let me guess, you a young male under 30, most likely under 20....Yes

...oh he says 'yes' to sway the vote, and then departs without voting too, that's my vote up there (shhh, dont' tell my wife)....

You can still go see her live at the Argo game this Thurday. She is still a cheerleader.

that dont surprise me much. :slight_smile:

see her back? did she get fired from her job?

She's on my fantasy team! 8)

I think I just saw her… nice, but much better talent in her own pool…

:lol: Nice one. I voted Yes just for the hell of it. Personally, I don't like this weenie they have doing sideline reports right now.

They should of had acheerleader from each team doing reports on their team. I like a little variety. And we all could have argued who was the best.

OK really guys…Krista is very talented and great at what she does. None of you could do a better job so why not give her the credit she deserves! I really think you are all jealous…

Give Candace Devai the job.

Ticat fans know what i'm talking about :slight_smile: :lol:


A lot of women who look every bit as appealing as krista, if not better, also ara a lot more professional. Krista is not

i agree, you can find so many reporters that will do the job that are just as goodlooking as Krista yet more professional

A lot of women who look every bit as appealing as krista, if not better, also ara a lot more professional. Krista is not
Well said. Could not agree more.

Again, you guys don’t seem to get it. She doesn’t seem professional — wait for it — because she’s not! She’s a student at Ryerson. You guys calling for professionalism are barking up the wrong tree. Lighten up a little and cut the students some slack. You aren’t born with professionalism, you earn it. They are just getting started in the business.

That possibly, is the best post in this entire topic. Great post, rpaege!

no, YOU dont seem to get it. First you get training, then you get professional manner, then you go in front of the Camara, after many hrs of practice in the studioclassroombedroomwhatever.

They go out, practice on each other, maybe interview some real athletes, FOR THE CLASSROOM. Then after the teacher says they have learned the appropriate level of professionalism, then they seek real work. Not before.

I dont fault her for not being professional. I fault whoever decided to put a NON professional in front of the camara with a mic, for national I mean official internet site...whatever.