Bring in Eric Tillman as a Consultant.

I have to say, The Renegades were a much better expansion team, and they had Dan Crowley as their starter to boot. I don't think Burris is the answer either. The front line and defence looked quite weak versus BC. The team itself has a lot of holes. IMO, the CFL let them down, but the RedBlacks did not help themselves either. I really believe Eric Tillman would have done a better job.

And what happened in year two ? Shortcuts is the last thing Ottawa needs.

I would line up this RedBlacks team against the 1st-year Renegades any day.

We don't tend to remember it because it was 12 years ago, but we had just as many frustrations with that team as with this one. They scored 12 or fewer points throughout most of August and September too. And they only had one more win at this point. Their 4th win came in the last game of the season against Montreal. I can't claim to remember now, but I suspect the Als weren't going full tilt in that one just prior to the playoffs.

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And Tillman was hardly a miracle worker. He botched the draft, getting two guys that accomplished nearly nothing for us, while passing over Jason Clermont to do so. Of course, he blames other people for that, because he's never at fault. The only player to have any sort of impact for us in the first draft was the punter, Pat Fleming. We've already gotten more out of Pruneau and Gott than Tillman did with the entire draft that year.

The next year, after hoarding picks in the expansion draft, we got two guys who retired instead of going pro and Israel Idonije who went on to play in the NFL until recently. No 1st-round pick, three 2nd rounders and not a single contributor among them.

So thanks but no thanks on Tillman. :thdn:

Nolan MacMillan is going to be a big time player in this league too and next draft is a monster. Ottawa drafting at 1,10 and 19 will likely get 2 to 3 eventual starters from the 2015 draft. On defense they are already better than Winnipeg and as good as a couple other teams. This will be a very good team two to three years from now.

I certainly hope that they will be better but we'll see. I still think they screwed up at the QB position at the draft.

who better was available?

I would also take this team over the '02 Renegades any day.

Montreal did play all their backups in that final game. Matt Lytle was the QB for that game as they sat Calvillo.

As for Tillman. Just read above what CRF wrote. That echoes my thoughts exactly. We got Donny Ashley and Ralph Staten for 1st rounders and nether one played more than half a season with us.

When you review Ottawa's season, the big thing that sticks out is ALL those dropped passes. Some games they were dropping more than they were catching. You fix that and Ottawa would be in the mix with the other 3 eastern teams right now. People like to pile on Burris but the balls were getting to the mark and on time. That and not having a heavy ground game to fall back on.

Yes, I totally agree and I would start the same guys next year, maybe with an additional big time receiver. They now look set at running back with a couple of good ones back there and it looks like the new punt/kick returner could be a good one. We've seen the odd really bad game like the last Lions game but there have been so many "winable" games and too many close ones.
How can you do a comparison to 02 when the opposition is totally different.

They're finding their guys. As much as people like Walker, Williams looks like a keeper too now. McDonnell has had a little playing time and he looks like he might be a good one (I'm really not a fan of Carter) over time.

I do think they need to improve on the OL from the outside in. There are games that Burris is just under constant assault. But it would have been unrealistic to think that this team wouldn't have some glaring needs when some existing clubs have them too.

Interesting thing I noticed on the depth chart for tonight; Six of the seven players on the DL are Canadian. Marlon Smith is the only exception.

Amenez Tillman et il vous fera échanger Herny Burris contre Josh Portis.

Interesting read but since it remembered the conversation about the Renegades first year vs the RedBlacks first year