Bring in Joe.

The troubles in Argoland.. could be an early xmas gift for Hamilton. Fire Joe and bring Kent in as Offencive Coach. With promo to Head Coach for the 2007 season.
Just entertaining the thought of Joe as head coach next year... makes my skin crawl. This guy has to go.... hopefully sooner than later, if the team wants longterm, sustained improvement.
Agro Ownership has been too afraid to make the deep and big changes to the team who's core is too long in the tooth.
Austin was simply the fall guy..... bring him onboard.
And perhaps someone in this Forum... can explain why PinBall's not in the ringer... why does he remain so untouchable ????

there is already two other threads about bringing in austin and firing joe.

Thanks for your input...touchdowncats it was very informative.....

I think that Austin would be a great fit. I believe better offence than Joe's

I’m not too sure we should be firing anyone right now…some wierd things have happened to this team this year and maybe we should let it all calm down and just let the guys play and the coaches coach…I mean. for example, a few weeks ago “everyone” (figure of speech) was calling for Coach Reed’s head and now he looks like a wizard after the game in Winnipeg…

I say, let’s trust that everyone on the payroll right now will figure it all out and take the franchise where it needs to go for the rest of the season…I really hate seeing good people get fired all the time…there’s a formula for success buried within the team right now…let’s find it!

in my opinion… :rockin:

Well I'll be the first to admit that I don't normally agree with your posts Mikey, but I do keep it to myself more often than not.

This is however a great idea. I don't think that at this stage of the season it's worth changing OC's. Austin was fired because he didn't adapt to the players he had. Once Damon went down that Offence should have become run oriented with Williams, Avery and Johnson in their backfield, and Wynn QB'ing. He failed to do that and there play has shown. I also think that Pinball isn't much of a head coach either and logic would be to put him on the hot seat as well.

I think we keep with what we have for the season as we seem to be clicking a bit. Who knows maybe the clicking turns into all out firing on all cylinders.

Come the end of the season I hope to hear that Charlie Taafe is named our head coach and then he can do whatever he wants with this team as this guy is PROVEN.

When they bring in this new head coach will it spell the end for all the assistant coaches.

More than likely it will. Whatever is best for this organization. If the new head coach has better coordinators lined up, bring them in.

No to Austin. Same pass first, no run offence that we've had since Ronny Jr. No thanks.

Exactly, with ranek, Holmes and Radlein in the backfield we need a balanced attack.

If the Boatmen start taking on water now Pin Ball may be the next overboard.... Baker now has walked the plank. (re: Fan TV)

Pinball to me isn't a great coach. He was smart enough to surround himself with smart football people to help him along.

Seems to me, according to this site, the Tiger Cats should sign everyone cut by every team in the league, hire every coach fired in the league, and most of all bring back every player who had a great career with the team in a coaching position. Unless Montreal fires Matthews, forget about it.

Beauty post, Matelot!! :lol: :lol:

I couldn't have said it better myself. :thup: :rockin:

No single post represents "this site" any more than your post does.

You could say: For anyone cut by any other team in the league you can always find some member of who would like to sign them.

But it is not correct to say that the "site" feels that way - simply because as a member of this site you clearly don't - and you speak for this site as much as anyone else does. :wink:

Cheers, Bob.

Great post.

It seems like everyday some arm-chair General Manager is making "expert" opinion on player moves. That in itself wouldn't be so bad if they could refrain from the scathing criticism of TiCat management for not following their suggestions.

However, maybe that's one of the things this site is for. It could be worse, this could be like a Maple Leaf fans' site and then we'd have to put up with trade suggestions of the Tie Domi for Sydney Crosby ilk.

And this AFTER a win! LMAO

Oski Wee Wee,

Caretaker's post aside, I wouldn't mind seeing Kent come in as QB and Receiver coach.

The flip side to that would be that he'd have to suck it up and let the running game happen, because we called for it, the team built itself to make it happen, and we are all thrilled with how Josh and Corey are demonstrating it.

Kent's firing from the Argo's reflects how they have umpteen overpriced RB's on staff, and his schemes fail to utilise them.

If TO gets a good replacement for Kent, we better keep their QB's a beaten up lot, or they may find thir initiative and really start to show us tuff until the League splits their team because of salary cap cheating...

Austin wouldn't be a good fit here.
He certainly was fine with Allen at QB, but when he had to tutor the young guys he showed his weakness. Many a game he was blasting his young QB's on the sidelines after a series. This way of coaching does not build confidence. He was probably ok when he had a veteran out there but his inability to adapt his offence to suit the new guys was suspect. :cowboy:

Coach Pao Pao certainly had our offense looking good last week. :cowboy:

I have to agree with those saying "no" to bringing in Austin.

We've made enough changes, lets see how they play out before we start stirring the pot and clouding the situation.

And before someone else says it.."No" to Baker too!