bring football back to Ottawa

all I want to say is that i would really like to see a team in Ottawa again and we all knoe that Frank D'Angelo is the person that could do this. He could partner up with Jeff Hunt and bring this team back for 2008.

Lets go, contact him and get talks going, we all know that this is the guy we need.....

Get a good stadium OR ATLEAST a good stadium deal in ottawa.

if the city is asking a CFL team for any more then 1.5M a year they are trying to rip off a CFL team to use an old, out of shape facility.

Edmonton pays under 1.6M
Winnipeg Pays 1.3M

Now how Ottawa could pay the most, in the league which they did in 2005 for Stadium occupancy/Rent for one of the worst stadiums doesn't make any sense at all.(I'm thinking over 2M maybe near 3M) and if they are to pay that much you would expect it would be for a top of the line state of the art facility with tons of luxury boxes(which it is not)

If a team is to return to Ottawa their stadium fees must be low(1M)

I'd very much suggest that the City of Ottawa look at building a new stadium, sell the land frank Clair is on for 30-40M, take the 20-30M it would take to upgrade Frank Clair(to be satisfactory) and build a 30K Seats stadium with 50+ boxes(not included in the 30K seats) which should cost under 100M.
Take that initial 50-70M and split the remaining costs between the feds/prov/private.

Give the private group a 10 year Lease at around 750K-1M a year.(maybe rising by 50K a year)
Include in the building of the stadium things like a quality ticket office, Team Retail area and so on.

Sell out the Boxes for 1.5K per(alot less then Sens Boxes)
Sell Season ticket packages for 200$ average(20$ per game average)

Selling out would mean:
750K+ from boxes
~6M from tickets(providing sell-outs which are unlikely but tickets are cheap)
Team would make 6.75M from tickets, with naming rights, 1.8M+ from the league, Sponsorship of atleast 2.5M, concessions of atleast .8M the team should be fine.

so what do we need to do so the city listens, its obvious that this is not on their priority list. If you know how or who we should be talking or writing please let me know.

well, in manitoba we're having an election so politicians are nice to kiss up to a stadium debate right now.

But for those in Ottawa(or the Ottawa area)
Starting a Petition is always an option. if you can get atleast all the old 2006 Season ticket holders that is a good amount of people that should get City council listening.

As for Who, the Mayor is always a popular target although local Councilors especially the one who's jurisdiction has Lansdowne in it.

Is there any sort of Renegades group/fan club?

Other teams have them, they would be a good place to start.

Also what would be good/possibly needed is the private investment to be leading the charge.
Letters to Frank'Dangelo or mr.Hunt or Eugene Melnyck MIGHT help. If they want to be part of a CFL franchise and see that the Fans are trying to do what they can, then they would be much more inclided to get involved with bringing the CFL back ottawa and a new stadium with it.

There was 6K 2006 Season ticket holders(before the 99$ deal) around 12K after the 99$ deal and 23K for the first few years of the Gades excistance. now unless that was all the same people that should be 25K people atleast.
It's all about rallying more support you gotta do what you can do.

Answer to who: Mayor, other city officials(related to entertainment mostly or Frank Clair)