Bring Favre to Hamilton

Look, you all knew that this post was going to come.
SOMEBODY was going to post it.*

I just thought that I would get it out of the way, that's all. :slight_smile:

The only difference with this post is that last season it would have been posted immediately after Favre's press conference and the poster would have been serious.
Looks like things ARE getting better.

This would be fun just to see people arguing that Chang should start in his place...

Chang should start in his place! He's much younger than Favre, he's got a big arm, and he was great in college! He's got so much potential that it is his time to take over! replace the name Chang with Rodgers


O.k this is how I see it. If we do aquire Favre. Here is the QB depth chart. 1.Printers, 2. Favre, 3.Williams, 4. Chang.

I know it ticks people off. I didn`t put Chang number 2 :wink:

No thank you, no thank you please, and Hell no, thank you. He was great. But he's done. People never learn that you can't just bring up every washed up bum from the NFL at nearly 40 years old and think that he's going to run wild. He'd be mediocre at best.

are you kidding me...He would do so well, He is a past first run second QB! He would definatly be first, Top rateQB NFL CFL peroid!....dont kidd yourself. He isnt no ricky williams.

Agreed! It took him 17 years to learn the precision QBing needed in the NFL.

He'd never have enough time to learn the CFL game.

It's way more different for him to adjust here as an NFL QB than it was for Rickyas an NFL RB.

They talked about this post on the Casey Printers show.

Ricky Williams...I rest my case...

Yeah. Zamperin brought it up as something amusing and Casey gave the impression he didn't want to touch the subject with a 10 foot pole. :wink:

Great NFL QB. The CFL at this point? I doubt it but he'd sell a whole lot of tix though. You'd need that extra cash to pay for the fine of going over the salary cap. :lol:

An Argo-Cat fan

Mark, why did you have to be that "somebody" :roll:

For those of you who are taking this seriously.. here's a loonie... go buy a sense of humour. It was a JOKE!!!!!!

At least it better have been a joke, Mark. :stuck_out_tongue:

At least it better have been a joke, Mark.
Yes, Caiteag. Please refer people to both the smiley and the postscript to the original post.

I just KNEW that there were people who wanted to discuss this (...and since my vacation was lousy because my wife hurt her back so all we did was see the inside of motel rooms and then come home early, I wanted SOME fun). :slight_smile:

PS - Still haven't run into you at the 7-11 after the games. Of course, I don't know what you look like. Do you always carry a camera with you? That would be a signal.

Farve gives himself up so guys can set sack records.

Why not bring him to Hamilton for a bit of promo work and practice work with the team. Seriously, not to play though.

No thanks.

I'll take Danny over Brett in that capacity any day.

Yesss! I am so glad someone brought that up.

I view Brett Favre as the bizarro version of Barry Bonds.

I mean this in the way that the media LOVES Mr. Favre and views anything he does through rose coloured glasses, and the media absolutely HATES Barry Bonds because of the way he has treated them over the years and thus never writes a nice word about him.

I guess the reputation is well earned by both athletes, but I just thought I'd point that out.

Brett Favre, "Oh he is a gun-slinger, always trying to make a play. Tough luck Brett." pat on the back

Donovan McNabb tries the same thing, "Oh what was that guy thinking? He needs to learn how to manage the game and play within it." as Philly fans boo him off the field

Double standard? You decide!

Oh yeah, to stay on topic, I think he would lead the league in interceptions if he played in the CFL. Or he would show promise and we would run him out of town only to have him succeed with another team and stick it to us!

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Captain, not saying replace DMac. All I'm saying, why don't all CFL teams bring in say an NFL star - let's face it, they are more recognizable in many ways because of all the hype and US media coverage - for a couple days, sign some autographs before a game, hang around practice and say, in this case, shoot the breeze with DMac for a bit. Why not? Isn't this sort of like these skins games in golf we see albeit without actually playing in this case?

Just imagine if I had started a serious thread.


I wonder where the discussion will go next?