Bring Em Out!

Great Pre-Game Entrance, led by Argyle Pipe band arm and arm with the kids.
Nothing Montreal could to do to intimidate us with that entrance!

That's how MEN enter the field!!

We never looked back.

I thought the way our team entered was very cool and classy.

I thought it very unclassy by Montreal to not come onto the field when announced and instead crash onto the field during the procession.

The team that waltzed out on the field during the Remeb. Day moment of silence at the east semi last year ?

That was classic in Guelph last year.
Some poor 80 year old guy is reading Flander's Fields and someone let Montreal out and they started wooping it up all over the Rememberence Day ceremony until they realized it after about 5 minutes and took their place on the sideline.

A couple Montreal idiots tried to come over this year for a stand off during our entrance but couldn't say to much to a team led by our Argyles and arm and arm with 8 year old football players.

It was a classy entrance and completely silenced the Montreal guys from trying to stand tough!

lol,,,perhaps a bayonet in the chest will make him think twice next time.