Bring Dumbrack Back!!!

We need to desperately sign Roger Dunbrack. When he finally got a chance to play, he was really good. He is like Belli but without the penalties.

This guy is a run stuffer and is double teamed constantly. Having a Canadian at this position helps us with an import DB.

Does anyone else agree with me? This is the unsung hero we need to sign. Don't let him go back to the Argos!!!!

Waited two months to start this thread? Wow, you must really like him.

I was a big fan of his in 06 as well and when he starts/plays, no body can run up the middle. I think it’s a shame if we lose a guy like this.

I agree!!! but I think he may have retired.

We have all the non-imports we need. He will be replaced by a better american because we need the pass rush more than the run stuffer.

He's a solid backup, but I don't think he's capable of being a starter for an entire season.

Yes bring Dumback brack.


I think Roger is a valuable asset.

  1. He can fill in admirably when a starter is injured.

  2. He can keep the D-line starters fresh by rotating in.

  3. He provides the above service on Special Teams.

  4. He provides veteran leadership for his linemates.

Dumb idea. :roll:

Why is it a Dumb Idea.

We need Roger back. I have spoken with Roger about next year and he said he would like to come back if the cats want him and that he's a local product.

I think he could play a whole season. The last 2 years they basically just didn't use him until he was their last resort.

Why waste an american at the run stuffing position? At the end of the season, no one was running up the middle on us and Dunbrack was getting double teamed. Our DEs didn't do anything and that's where we were getting beat with both the pass and the run. McKay was okay and his sack total did not match his play. Keith had about 1.5 good games.

Bring Roger back!!! We need him!!!

it will be up to Our New DC if he is back.

Bring Hitch baaaaaaack…and Mike. :cry: :cry:

Not Going to happen

Hitch is an Eskimo and will Retire as one
This Saddens me but it is the Truth

Mike is Happy in his Retirement .
He has a New Job and He has New Wife
To Start Brand new life away from Football

why would he come back he has it Made.