Bring Danny Mac Back...

We need a Backup QB...
Bring Back Danny Mac....

We need a starting QB!

D Mac was part of the price we paid to get the good quarterback so we would be good this year. Besides all you guys ran D Mac out of town last year with your complaints. I say most of you don't recognize talent when you see it.

We need both. AND we need to know how and when to use them!

Thank the fans that ran him out of town, many of them post on this website.

I am certainly not one of them.

agreed Crash

Danny Mac's is a little played out everyone knows it I am just saying it, his poor play made me mad last season, but I didn't want him to leave. He is a great guy who has done amazing things for the city of Hamilton.

I was hoping he'd retire and be Hamiltons new Offensive Coordinator, but that obviously didn't happen.

Danny Mac isn't starting calibre, I could be wrong because the O-line was trash last season and if he was behind the one that has been playing the past two games maybe he would come back into the swing.

danny who?
we'd be in better shape if the coach had benched Maas four games ago and handed the torch to Eakin or Williams
danny mac is part of the team's history, not its future

I was a fan of Danny myself but the thing that kills me is everyone on this board that says Joe Montford is washed up but would love to get Danny back when he has played just as much as Joe this year. What is the basis for the idea Danny would help this team?

Look what Danny has done For Hank in Calgary

He Keeps Hank Ready to Play
He Gives Hank a 2nd Set of eyes that see a lot..

When Danny Has Played He Found the WR's
Been Money The Balls are on Target..

Maas and Danny mac would be Special..

What is the basis for the idea Danny would help this team?
It's called HERO WORSHIP.

I am ONE of the 'posters at this site' that is OVERJOYED Danny Mac is NOT on the sidelines, as a player, anyway.

I mean, atleast Maas has an injured shoulder and an unstable coaching staff to couch his INABILITY to perform in ...

And for the LAST TIME ... Danny was run out LARGELY for the fact that he was not part of the FUTURE ... which is what the NEW, PAYING FANS wanted to see.

Because the FUTURE did not pan out as planned is NO REASON to pine for the PAST.

Yeah, Danny is great HUMAN BEING, but as a football PLAYER his best 'is in the can', as they say, PERIOD.

Can we MOVE ON YET !!????


As we all heard yesterday on the CBC broadcast that it takes soooo long to master the QB position and by the time they feel the confidence and skill level to feel comfortable, their bodies give out. Damon has put up astonishing numbers since the age of 38? Warren Moon also had posted some awesome numbers in his twilight years. As I stated in earlier posts, Bring back DMac as our OC and let him tutor Eakin and Williams for the future!

We have a backup QB. His name is Jason Maas.

I think bringing Danny back may actually be a really good move (didnt think i would ever say that). Jason seems like he's only a good QB when he has that other guy waiting on the sidelines pushing him to do better.

Someone try and tell me that Danny would have missed DJ Flick wide open yesterday. His ARM is one reason id want him.

yeah, the TO defensive huddles are only to relay twenty five yards from the new line of scrimmage, so they know that they don't need coverage beyond that point. point....a pass won't go any further! it was a shame to see Flick have to put on the brakes yesterday, because that stiff can't show no deep threat!

His ARM is one reason id want him.
I would SUGGEST that there were TWO ARMS on the BENCH that could have made the throw ... and their names AIN'T DANNY.
Bring back DMac as our OC and let him tutor Eakin and Williams for the future!
Again, another example of HERO WORSHIP ...

I say bring in ANYBODY who is CAPABLE of coaching these guys, PERIOD. If his name happens to be Danny Mac - then so be it ... but the point remains ...

the Tiger Cats remain in SEARCH of their QB of the FUTURE ... someone thay can start planning AROUND to win a Grey Cup ...


Im not suggesting he be our starter this year, i never did. But you cant tell me that earlier this year when Maas was hurt (probably still is) and Eakin looked like the second coming of Billy Dicken... you wouldnt have taken Danny in there. Last year he showed he can still move the ball with the right weapons... infact in his limited role this year he wasnt too bad.

Not the solution, but a option if Maas cant go.

the slow start to the Banjo Bowl has me replyin' ...

Eakin looked like the second coming of Billy Dicken
If I knew who Billy Dicken was I may have a more INFORMED reply ... that being said, NO I would NOT have wanted Danny in ... NO NO NO NO NO NO NO ...

For the kind of MONEY being thrown around these days I WANT TO SEE PROGRESS, I want to see NEW TALENT I want FRESH EXPERIENCE ...

I don't need the GLORY DAYS to be RE-LIVED ... I want to CREATE some NEW MEMORABLE EXPERIENCES ... sorry, really, really, really I AM ... BUT DANNY is so YESTERDAY ... again, sorry.

But if the GREATER POINT was to say Maas as a NOODLE ARM that is even less capable than Danny Mac's ... then we are AGREED.


Another advantage to Danny is his ability to RUN! A 10 yard gap between him and the defender would give a gain of maybe 5 yards