Bring Cory Mace and Tom Canada..then we have a defence

I think if we sign Tom Canada and get Cory Mace on this team we will look pretty good.

OUr front four would consist of: Brandon Guillory and Tom Canada (Defensive Ends)
Matt Kirk and Cory Mace (Defensive Tackles)

Linebackers: Otis Floyd, Markeith Knowlton and Agustin Barrenchea and Cameron Siskowic rotating as the middle linebackers.

Our backfield: Jykine Bradley and Geoff Tisdale (starting cornerbacks)
Chris Thompson and Rontarius Robinson (defensive backs)
Sandy Beveridge and Dylan Barker (safety)

Yes to Mace ... No to Canada.

Why does everyone think this Mace kid is going to be the answer? We haven't even seen him play for the Bills and we have him penciled in here as the next saviour. On Mace, you have to wait and see.

Tom Canada, import with injuries, starting on the downside of his career. I'll pass.

Mace did play a couple of games for Buffalo last year on their d-line.
Good enough for the NFL and Canadian too means he is better than what we have!!!

Doesn’t have to be a saviour, just a starter.

A huge NO to Tom Canada and I think Lawrence Gordon over Tisdale.

NO to Tom Canada.

HELL NO to Beveridge.

No. Definitely Geoff Tisdale over Lawrence Gordon. Geoff Tisdale really showed us this season that he has the ability to be the next Chris Thompson, he's made many great interceptions and he and Chris Thompson work beautifully in the backfield. Tisdale is a rising star, Gordon is a decent backup.

Matt Kirk is not a starter. Just because we signed him in free agency doesn't mean he's a starter. Adams is solid inside and Guillory can play. We're still short 2 solid CFLers at the moment on the D-Line.

Barker hasn't played for almost 2 years, so expect an import to at least start the season at safety.

At the moment the defence is a little suspect, with the biggest addition being Greg Marshall. Too many unknowns, but it will definately be improved. Just how much remains to be seen.

The biggest addition is definately Greg marshall, beyond that the defense looks pretty bad. Most of the line are unproven and are here based solely on potential Which could be a good or bad thing, Otis Floyd is pretty old(tom canada too),Mariuz,Barrenchea and Beveridge have essentially never done a thing but get blown away by blockers. The secondary looks alright but it's the same guys as before and it won't matter without a great line how good they are even then Lawrence Gordon had a horrible year and Rontarious Robinson always seemed a little slow to me. All in all Marshall's got his work cut out for him this year.

the good thing is this doesnt look like its going to be another 3-15 season. the bad news is it looks like its going to be a 5-7 win season. I'm not complaining tho lol, im tired of a ticat win being a rare thing.

I hope the Ticats sign Corey Mace, I realize he isn't the answer to all our prayers, but a young non-import who has/had the ability to stick in the NFL for a few years can't be half bad.

And I think Tom Canada has made it perfectly clear that he is content with his life away from football, and considering his quote worthy attitude towards Hamilton after Moreno-gate, I am pretty sure Obie won't be calling him any time soon.

  • paul

ps. I have a feeling we are going to see an all import defensive backfield this season. If not, then an all import defensive line. I would say an all import defensive backfield because I don't see Beveridge being able to hold is own back there, and for all intents and purposes, Barker is a rookie.

Tom Canada has already stated after the Moreno trade, etc. that he didn't want to play for Hamilton.

Tom Canada doesn't realize that in football you don't always get to pick and choose your teams. Some teams want you and some don't thats all there is to it. Take what you can get.

Mace dressed for 2 Bills games last year and was on the field for 2 plays............kneel downs. He's not good enough for the NFL or he would have been activated to the 50 man roster earlier and would have actually played. The Bills think so much of this guy that they let him go.

Darrell Adams will for sure be one of the starting DT. Its silly to think Kirk can start when he only has a handful of tackles and no sacks to show for 5 seasons in the CFL. Plus Kirk is only 265. A DT should be at least 280.

Geoff Tisdale Like Playing DHB Once he got use to it ..
Why Go after Canada He a Pant load..

Related.............I always find it odd when athletes balk at playing for a particular team. Usually, when traded to or drafted by a particular team, such athlete will usually say something along the lines of 'I just want the same right as anyone else has, to work where I want to work."

Memo to such athletes..........that is not a right that everyone has.

For example, if you work for a particular bank, and that bank transfers you to a branch in another city, guess what? You go there. Same for lots of other companies. Don't like it? Fine, quit.