Bring Charles Rogers to Hamilton

I posted this in an Earler thread..

We need Some Height IMO

I love to have 6'2 to 6'4 HT 202-240 WT
Someone with 4.2 to 4.4 Speed..
The cfl has alot short DB's

I have one name the Ticats should look at
Charles Rogers..former # 1 Pick of Lions in the NFL
Rogers could be a #1 in the CFL..

He Still Living Det.

I think a lot of NFL players dable with pot.
Very few get caught by the NFL.
Rogers twice was suspended by the NFL for drugs.

He was cut by Detroit before his 4 games suspension was announced.
I think that if an NFL team picks him up, he would have to sit 4 games.
This would make it a lot tougher to land a job back in the NFL.
Also I heard that he did have interest in joining the CFL, and we are the closest team to his home town of Detroit.
For those of you who were against Ricky Williams coming to the CFL, I would think that Charles Rogers would be met with the same opinion.
This guy did not lose his athletic ability over-night. I would have to think it is his off-field issues keeping him away from playing football.

Just an interesting side note for some old folks that remember him.
Rogers is second in MSU history for yards per catch. Second only to MLB All Star Kirk Gibson.

He's a quality talent to be sure, but at the same time, drugs are not his only downside. What about his extreme fragility. Has he managed to complete a full season yet? No.

Not saying he'd be a bust, but I wouldn't bet the farm on him that's for sure. But coming from the Detroit Lions, at least we'd know he can handle losing, haha

Rogers is Very Talented
a CFL Contract could be Written with Claws in place
it for Protect the Team from His Conduct
should it a Problem

Would that be Ti Cat claws Onknight?


So you're telling me a guy who was a first round nfl pick, playing for Detroit, making millions of dollars yet could not be motivated by that will come to the CFL make a fraction of the what his salary was and be motivated to play.

Ha...I dont think so. Forget the guy.

If Rogers wants to chase the NFL dream, and is not getting an opportunity down south... whoknows?

Sorry I could not resist whoknows.

Ricky Williams is a guy that wants to work his way back, Doug Flutie was another. right. But with the cap now I know Rogers cant get that $1 mill Flutie like money or $500,000 Williams like money.

So unless the guy can be motivated at $80 - $100 g's I dont see it happening.

It they make Contract
so any Misconduct Cost him Money ..
Most player will Tow the line

Didn't the CFL pass a Ricky Williams rule this off season? Basically says that they will honour suspensions by other leagues. Not sure if CR would be a good fit or if he would be interested in the pay cut, but if this rule WAS passed by the league then there is no hope for anyone to sign him prior to him completing his NFL suspension.

He a Free Agent not Suspended from the NFL..

I’d give him a shot in TC. Its not that big a risk is it? Just put a claws in his contract and cut him if he disobey’s it.

I think Rogers has more of a chance at being picked up by another NFL team (Raiders perhaps?) that winding up in Tigertown. Again, backup money in the States is way better than starter's dough here under the SMS.

Oski Wee,


Let's close this thread now before this leads to more talk of bringing Parcells or Cowher to Canada as well!