Bring Back Winners

I know Danny Mac is here as an assistant coach now but, how about reuniting the winning duo of Danny McManus and Cody Ledbetter as head coach and offensive co-ordinator respectively? The were a formidable team together in Edmonton and here in Hamilton. Build a coaching staff of familiar proven winners that the team and fans can associate with. It might work is all I'm saying...

Bring back the tradition of winners!!!

The last thing this team needs is coaches with no experience.


I luv Danny Mac but why is everyone on this forum raving about how good a coach he is? He has not coached anything! A successful and likeable QB in his day but how is he going to turn this team around? The playbook is still the same, the personel is still the same.

Pinball was lucky that they had Stubler as their d-fensive coach. But also Pinball is a larger than life personality, I could sit in a room with him for 15 minutes and he could probably convince me to root for the Argos! He's such a motivator and he makes you believe!

I don't know Danny Mac at all but he does not come off like Pinball. Danny's a super nice guy. Would he be a pushover like Chuck was? Will he get the respect of the players?

Who knows!

One thing for sure, whoever our next coach is, we need a candidate who has experience and is smart enough to realize that you need cfl coordinators.

Agreed, and I'm also excited that Danny has started coaching and is gradually being given more responsibilitites.

I think he'll learn a lot this year and will hopefully be a qualified offensive coach for us sooner rather than later.

8) With all due respect to Cody Ledbetter, the only one that was a proven winner of that duo was Danny Mac !!! :roll: