Bring back Tom Higgins as Director of officiating !

Once he gets fired ! Bring back Tom Higgins as Director of officiating ! This year has been noticeably bad ! The players are now starting to call the officials out in Public knowing they will get fined ! SAD :roll:

Higgins legacy?

IMHO appoint someone like Matt Dunnigan, or someone who cares about the Fans!! Not a insider like Carrot top!!

What does Matt Dunnigan know about being director of officiating?

He Knows the rules!! and understands the entertainment aspect of the game, just an example . cheers

Players beaking has nothing to do with the Director of Officiating but with the lack of team discipline. You don't see Bomber players doing it because O'Shea would not allow it. No other professional teams allow it to happen. You open your mouth, you get ejected. Oh gee! Forgot about the CFLPA.

You seem to be under a misconception that the director of officiating is the one that creates the rules. He doesn't. His job is to manage the officials, who enforce the rules.

If you believe that the rules this year are lowering the entertainment value of games (and I don't disagree with that), your beef isn't with the director of officials. He can't do a whole lot about it except tell his boss that the rules need changing, and hope the board of governors actually does it. The only other option is for him to tell the officials to just stop enforcing parts of the rulebook, and that will not really help.

i think refs should stop calling every little penalty if it didn't affect the outcome of the play.
if it doesn't affect the outcome of the play and doesn't jeopardize player's saftey, don't call it.
that simple.

I get what you're saying but I'm not sure it's quite that simple in all cases. Holding for instance could be difficult to judge in some cases whether it would have impacted a play or not.

that's not it at all.

  1. if a player on kick coverage is flat footed and the ball rolls 2 inches and puts him within the 5 yd zone, why call it?? Its called judgment! the refs at this level must be able to use their better judgment.

  2. if players on team A clutch and grab while blocking then the same should go for team B, its called better judgment!!

The rules are there to make the game equal, not kill the integrity of it!!

Great coach for sure, with a winning record. Bad team that ran out of gas. It happens to all. 4 YEAR project here.
Oh by the way who supplied today's QB and players. Could it be the GM????

What your seeing in this 2014 season is a convergence of zero tolerance for plays affecting player safety (hits to the head, late hits on the QB....which thankfully, I am seeing less of) the same year there is zero tolerance for taunting, excessive celebration, using the N word, showing up officials by throwing the imaginary flag etc. It's all too much. These should have slowly integrated in successive years if the league deemed this to be an on-going problem (which I don't. I don't care if players talk smack. This is football, not "Reach For The Top").

All these flags are sucking the entertainment value right out of games. This is a huge problem for the BOG! If they're not aware of fan disenchantment, they're completely tone deaf.

Maybe you should direct your rant at the players...after all, they're the ones committing the offences. The refs are simply making the calls...that's their job.

No, the players didn't make these rules. Why should they get blamed for ridiculously overbearing rules?

The 13th man in the Grey Cup a couple years back didn’t affect the outcome of the play. Should they have not called that and awarded the cup to Saskatchewan instead of Montreal? Who decides when someone doesn’t affect the play, and which penalties we ignore if they don’t affect the play (as opposed to the ones we call all the time)?

Rules need to be consistent to be effective.

The flags for celebrations and throwing imaginary flags are really out there. I could do with a whole lot less of those. I don't care for players who celebrate a 2 yard catch, but let them have some personality.

Lot of the rules are there because some players do not consider fair play to be part of the game. The game is dangerous enough as it is without having to put up with some of the dumb plays we see every so often. The bad thing is a penalty punishes the whole team.

Have we forgotten in just 1/3 of a season how much Higgins hurt the game, destroyed the credibility of officials and lost all credibility for disciplinary system? One of the best things the league did was get rid of Higgins. While they're at it they should be firing the guy who thought it would be a good idea to hire a director of officiating who had zero officiating experience. That fellow's elevator doesn't even get out of the basement.

Maybe they should give the head ref more options, such as being able to over rule a penalty for being non incidental to the play?
I know watching the U.S league , they let a lot go that is not called, esp linemen holding , and procedure, the latter if its within a minimal effect.

I disagree, Higgins was just as bad as the head of officiating in the CFL to the current head Glenn Johnson but at least Johnson was an official before not a coach turned head of officials. Johnson is new give him an opportunity like Higgins had a few years
than we will see what his record is like and the officials under him in the CFL, we can always have hope that the officiating gets better in the CFL.

Keep Higgins as Head Coach in Montreal, he's doing a fine job.

I agree. Have to give Johnson a chance to make the job his own. And my biggest complaint about Higgins was his complete lack of experience as an official.

I agree about keeping Higgins in Montreal too. He's doing a great job......if you're a fan of Toronto, Ottawa or Hamilton. :wink: