BRING BACK TILLMAN, Hire Greg Marshall as HC.

This team is a glorified expansion team under Powpow.

%^&# the off field promotions and spend the $'s on binging the right players.

This season is now over, start planning for 06.

That would make sense (especially Marshall), but do you really think this ownership would do that? Not a chance. If Paopao leaves, they'll hire some has-been who was a big name about 20 years ago. Thats their style. They think we're all stupid and will be impressed with a 'big name' around here. I think they honestly believe fans get excited to hear Ryan Leaf and Tim Couch are on our neg. list. They still dont understand what sells tickets here. WIN A GAME. MAKE THE PLAYOFFS. MAKE SURE YOU PACK ALL THE PLAYERS SWEATERS FOR ROAD GAMES. Little things like that.

WHO CARES knowone in ottawa even goes to the games,

paopao would be doing great if there was actually talent on tht team

im an ottawa fan also but guys u got to quit complaning its there fourth year and this is where they where expected to be at the beggining of the year

But this isn't where we were expected to be after four seasons, let alone three!

Brad Watters said when he got the team that in 5 years they would contend for the cup.

Nealon - get lost... Go play on your own Rider site... Oh that's right nothing ever happens in the prairies!!

im a eskies fan , i hate nealon, thts cause all he did was RUN

Hey Nealon , your team got whupped pretty good by those Ti-cats didn't they??? Wasn't it by 26 points???

Hey... I go to the games and therefor, I have an opinion...

The Glibermans are killing this season so that they can start fresh next season.

All they appear to be interesting in is the stands, even to the point that they say they are interesting in Palmer. For what.. more women to come to the games?

I am frustrated because I like many other are still going to support this team. Unfortunately no one in the office is prepare to...

I like the idea of Eric coming back as well as its time for Joe and Kani to leave. Greg can take over.

I've heard some rumors... wondering why the gades will play better in one half and not as well in the other half? Its because Tommy Condell (Quarterbacks / Receivers / Passing Coordinator) will call the plays for a half in from upstairs and then Joe and Kani will do the other half. And its usually Joe and Kani's plays which don't get the points on the board.

I'm sorry but I am devoted to the entire team but not this coach. The Glibermans know that if Joe doesn't get his 9 wins, he's gone.

Unfortunately... we still pay full price for the season tickets.

It seems kind of weird if it’s true that the coaches only call one half. This is a professional team, not the house leagues. Whoever decided that should get fired ASAP.

so now the bomber and gade fans are both crying for changes. who expects either of them to claim the castoffs of the other. for some reason i would not be surprised to see poapoa back in town in the peg. i hope not because i do not think he is the answer. but the blue likes unemployed castoffs