Bring back those Rothman stickers

I'm a bit fuzzy here, but I seem to recall weekly award winners getting stickers that they put on their helmet to signify they had won an award in one of the previous weeks. I remember some linebacker (James Parker maybe) having about 6 on his helmet. I would like to see them back. I know my info is a bit off as I think it was Rothman's but am not sure. I seem to remember it in the early 1980's. Anyone remember the whole facts?

Regardless, I would like to see a return of this practice to some degree. Anyone else in?

If you are referring to Rothman's cigarettes you can't, Canadian law prohibits tobacco advertising or sponsorship at any sporting event

Why?? There is enough advertising on the field, the jumbo trons, the poster boards, the loud speaker, the jersey's ... enough is enough ...

I don't see the point. There is already players of the week that are awarded by the league ... Using a sticker to signify, "good job billy" sounds rather amateurish ... if not outright childish. This practice is used by some teams at a University level ... I personally don't like seeing individual awards and acolades, especially on their helmets, as it takes away from the team's goals and accomplishments (which are clearly far more important).

Go back to smoking your cigarettes you old bastard .. Hah!


You forgot the virtual advertising that goes with the virtual first down line

First off,
Was it actually Rothman's. Any older guys out there remember. Secondly, I wasn't thinking about the advertising, I was thinking more as the 'good job billy'. Thirdly, what is so bad with advertising. Nature of the beast if you ask me. We should be happy that sponsors are joining in on the CFL. It ensures we can watch this beautiful product we call the CFL. Not wanting sponsors is like not wanting a healthy CFL. Fourthly, I don't smoke. Fifthly, my father assures me I am not a bastard child. Sixthly, I am sorry you are a bombers fan. Seventhly, not sure where you get childish out of a practice like that. Seems to me a good way to keep the fan involved on who is getting recognized for good play. Eighthly, as far as your teamwork thing goes, individual accomplishments are also part of the game. If you don't like it, try watching tennis or something. Ninethly, I am not old, I am mildly middle aged. Tenthly, I can't remember my last point, my old age must be sneakin up on me but rest assured StatiK007, it would teach you young 'sunny boys' a lesson.

So they do good and you give them a sticker? Hey, i'd rather a cookie.. or a lollypop..... I must agree i have no idea what this would do to add to the game. When i played pee-wee our coach would put a skull and crossbones sticker on our helmets for each sack we get. this is the pro's....

Yes … You are correct in that matter of growing a healthy league … However, if the helmets are not sacred and void of advertising … anything is fair game … Then what do you have? NASCAR.

Don’t get me wrong … I like NASCAR as much as the next guy … But the advertising is almost more important than the actual racing.