Bring back those great commercials

You know the ones. My favourite was the one showing the guy proudly buying an Argo’s jersey, then took it home to wipe his baby’s ass as you panned to a ti-cat shrine of a room. It was a great concept to play on rivalries and I want more.

yeah they had some funny ones. i enjoyed them, even though i can’t remember any of them. even if thye played the old ones again as a reminder.

Sorry but I thought that it was a horrible insulting commercial and done it very bad taste. Even thought I am not an argo fan I would never have done something like that on national TV anymore that I would have done that to the flag of another country.

Good old fashion rivalries can ge shown in more tastfull ways than that

Here are two of these great and funny ads…

The second one is ok but the first :oops:


i agree the first is a bit over the top, but still funny. :twisted:

Have to agree with ro1313, The one I thought was insulting was the so called BC Montreal rivalry…They Can do better than that…

No way ! That one is funny as hell! It was part of a serie in which a stupid fan from each of the then eight cities was being taken care of by it’s rival team’s players.

I really like the one where the Calgary fan was being taken care of by Edmonton players. You’d see a zoom-in on a cow-boy dissing Edmonton, saying how great it must be to live in a place where the number one attraction is a Mall, and other funny stuff. As it zoomed-in, you’d see some Eskimos players were methodically tying one end of a lasso around the cow-boy’s feet, and the other end after his horse.

Just when the cow-boy’s plead was coming to an apogee, a player slapped the horse’s arse, which made it start to run like crazy, while we witnessed the rope getting stretched. The image cut just before the cow-boy was violently pulled away. Maaan, that was funny.

Now…the Calgary one was funny…But the BC Montreal…Nah

Actually I didnt mind the BC one.
At least they protrayed a moron insulting Quebec
“You are not real French like the ones in Denmark”
The jersy one forget it

I remember they had one commercial from a few years ago with a new American player in the CFL trying out for the team and couple of Ti-Cats players talking about him.

Then as the two players are talking you see the American player in the distance about to catch the ball, and one of the guys says to the other, “did someone remember to tell him there’s no fair catch?” just as the guy in the distance gets clobbered by 3 or 4 tacklers!

That one made me crack up!


Hows about the one where they got the American to lick the goal post in winter
It ends with them sayin “they fall for it every time”

I always like those commercials in the Anti NFL erra of "Our Balls Are Bigger: I’d always crack up laughing every time I saw those comercials.

I’ve Got A Whole Bunch Of The Old “The Rivalry Lives On” If Any One Wants Them. Those Were The Best Ones, Although The New CBC Commercials Are Getting Pretty Good.

its officail…no sense of humour on this site at all…

The fair catch one was one of the funniest commercials of all time for any product.