Bring Back The Wolfpack :petition

These guys take care of the sideline signs and really add to our game day experience we need the Wolfpack back ??

You'll have to help me. I am a season seat holder and I don't know what these guys did. Any examples? Thanks!

  1. Never even heard of them !!

Only "Wolfpack" I have ever heard of is the "Wolfpack' from the old WCW wrestling days. :slight_smile: :slight_smile:

Consisted of Kevin Nash, Razor Ramone , and little X-Pac. :wink: Even still have their signature
t-shirt from way back then !! LOL :wink:

Me too....41 years of ST and I have no clue what this is about. Must be "fake news". ?

Guys if your on the east side Randy and his crew take care of those electronic signage that runs all along the field . Randy is the guy that is the manager that has a jersey on that says Wolfpack he also helps whoop up the crowd . Just passing along this info !

I recognize him from the pic but to be honest didn't notice them missing from the game experience.

I only ever noticed them on tv - never at the games. They always seemed a bit faux-enthusiastic - like something you might find at an Argo game. I prefer the authentic enthusiasm of a red-faced, out-of-shape, had-a-few-pops-pregame, Pigskin Pete.

I would definitely sign a petition to bring the WCW Wolfpack to Tim Hortons Field.

  1. Me too sully !! :slight_smile: LOL

I had not even noticed they got rid of them. Wolfpack was great, always fired the crowd up when it was needed I loved feeding off their enthusiasm.

Any other dumb moves this team would like to make while they're on a roll.

I noticed they were gone, I just figured they were enthusiastic STHs on the east side of the stadium.... like the Box J Boys, or....... i dunno the early days of pigskin pete?

were they actually employed by the team?

Put a competitive and hungry team on the field that improves their play through the season. I don't care about the other stuff that much.